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  • shariq

    July 5, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Below is the Salesforce Order of Execution:

    • System Validation rule (required field, field format) (SV)
    • Before Triggers are executed (BT)
    • Custom Validation rules are checked (CV)
    • After Triggers are executed (AT)
    • Assignment Rules are executed (AR)
    • Auto-Response Rules are executed (ARR)
    • Workflow Rules are executed (WR)
    • Before and after triggers are executed one more time if the workflow rule updates a field (BT & AT)
    • Escalation Rules are executed (ER)
    • Parent Rollup Summary Formula or Cross Object Formula fields are updated in the respective objects. (RSF, COF) (These parent records also goes through the entire execution order)
    • Criteria Based Sharing rules are evaluated (CBS)
    • Any Post-Commit Logic is executed (PCL)  (like sending an email)

    Below will help you to remember Order of Execution in Salesforce:

    SV -> BT -> CV -> AT -> AR -> ARR -> WR (BT, AT) -> ER -> RSF, COF -> CBS -> PCL

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