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  • Saurabh

    April 17, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Suraj

    In short, you can do everything you can do with workflows using process builder as well, except for sending outbound messages with point&click. With process builder, you can also update all child records starting from the parent record, which is not possible with workflows (only vice versa is possible using cross object field updates). I've heard rumors that process builder will replace workflows in the future, which seems a logical step to take for sfdc.

    Hope it may help you:


  • shariq

    September 20, 2018 at 11:49 pm


    Process Builder
    The Lightning Process Builder is a new workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly visual representation of your process as you build it. Instead of doing this repetitive work manually, you can configure processes to do it automatically. The Process Builder’s simple and powerful design allows you to automate processes

    You can use the Process Builder to perform more actions than with workflow:Create a record
    Update any related record
    Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call
    Launch a flow
    Send an email
    Post to Chatter
    Submit for approval
    Call apex methods
    But the process builder doesn’t support outbound messages.

    Workflow is business logic that evaluates records as they are created and updated and determines if an automated action needs to occur. In a way it allows records to speak up or do something – update data, notify people or external systems.

    Workflow does only 4 actionsCreate Task
    Update Fiel
    Email Alert
    Outbound Message


    Hope this helps.

  • Parul

    September 21, 2018 at 4:10 am

    Workflow enables you to set up workflow rules. A workflow rule identifies what kinds of record changes or additions trigger specified workflow actions, such as sending email alerts and updating record fields.

    Workflow rules and actions are associated with a specific object (and can cross objects only to update fields on a related master record).

    Visual Workflow:

    Visual Workflow enables you to create flows, which are triggered by users rather than events. Unlike Workflow, which always executes rules and actions behind the scenes, Visual Workflow offers screens for displaying and collecting information from the user running the flow.

    Flows aren’t tied to any one object. They can look up, create, update, and delete records for multiple objects.

    Process Builder:

    The Process Builder’s simple and powerful design allows you to:Create your processes using a convenient layout with point-and-click efficiency.
    Create your whole process in one place rather than using multiple workflow rules.
    Create processes by collaborating with different teams in your business.
    Stop using Apex code to automate simple tasks.

    Hope this helps you


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