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    What is callback URL in Salesforce?

    What is callback URL in Salesforce?


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    Hello Madhulika

    It depends on which OAuth flow you use, Callback URL is typically the URL that a user’s browser is redirected to after successful authentication.


    Thank you.



    A URL associated with your client application. In some contexts, this must be a real URL that the client’s Web browser is redirected to. In others, the URL isn’t used; however, between your client application and the server (the connected appdefinition) the value must be the same. For example, you may want to use a value that identifies the application, such as http://mycomponent.myapp.


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    Hi Madhulika,


    The URL that a user’s browser is redirected to after successful authentication. As this URL is used for some OAuth flows to pass an access token, the URL must use secure HTTP (HTTPS) or a custom URI scheme. Separate multiple callback URLs with line breaks. The callback URL field has a limit of 2000 characters, cumulatively. If you enter several URLs and they exceed this limit, configure another connected app to manage more callback URLs.



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    To be more clear –

    You know you get automatically notified when your device or service goes down. … On the web the term has become a callback URL because it “calls back” a web address rather than a bit of code.

    Hope this helps.

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