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    What is a Self-Relationship in Salesforce?


    What is a Self-Relationship in Salesforce and where we can use it?


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    Hello Rahul,

    A Self-Relationship is a lookup relationship to the same object.

    For example : we have a field on Account which is Parent Account that allows us to choose any account for being a parent account of an existing one.


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    Hi Rahul,

    When an object has a lookup with itself, it is a self-relationship. A self relationship creates a tree diagram of the objects. For example, the account has a lookup on himself, called Parent Account.
    On the user object a special self-relationship called the hierarchical relationship helps create superior roles such as supervisor, manager on user object. The hierarchical relationship is a self-relationship of the user object.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Self relationship :
    By the name mean relation with oneself, means creating lookup of sobject within same sobject.
    Lot of business scenarios required this type of relationship.

    Hierarchical relationship :
    This type of relationship is a special lookup relationship available only for the user object. It allows users to use a lookup field to associate one user with another that does not directly or indirectly refer to itself. For example, you can create a custom hierarchical relationship field to store each user’s direct manager.

    Hope this helps.

    Salesforce | Parul Parul #2

    Self Relationships:
    You can create a relationship from an object to itself, but it must be a lookup relationship, and a single record can’t be linked to itself. However, a record can indirectly relate to itself.


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