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    What does commit object contains in Salesforce?

    What does commit object contains in Salesforce?



    Hello Prachi,

    A commit is described by a parent commit and a set of file modifications. This is enough to represent the version of the code at this commit. Indeed to find the code at this commit, you take the code from the parent commit and apply it the given set of modifications. This allows to keep a complete history of your code without having to store individually each version of each file. The file modifications are mainly add a line in a file, and delete a line. You can also rename a file, add a new file and delete a file.

    A commit also contains informations about the author, the creation date and the message which was published with. A commit is identified by a hash, which is used in git commands to refer to this particular commit.

    Salesforce | Parul Parul #2

    A “commit” points to a single tree, marking it as what the project looked like at a certain point in time. It contains meta-information about that point in time, such as a timestamp, the author of the changes since the last commit, a pointer to the previous commit(s), etc.

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