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    What are the different types of reports available in Salesforce?

    What are the different types of reports available in Salesforce?



    Hello Chanchal,

    In Salesforce we can create four types of report formats:

    1. Tabular Reports: Simple listing of data without any subtotals. This type of reports provide you most basically to look your data. Use tabular reports when you want a simple list or a list of items with a grand total.

    2. Summary Reports: This type of reports provide a listing of data with groupings and sub totals. Use summary reports when you want subtotals based on the value of a particular field or when you want to create a hierarchically grouped report, such as sales organized by year and then by quarter.

    3. Matrix Reports: This type of reports allow you to group records both by row and by column. A comparison of related totals, with totals by both row and column. Use matrix reports when you want to see data by two different dimensions that aren’t related, such as date and product.

    4. Joined Reports: Blocks of related information in a single report. This type of reports enable you to adopt five different blocks to display different types of related data. Each block can own unique columns, summary fields, formulas, filters and sort order. Use joined reports to group and show data from multiple report types in different views.


    Salesforce | Aman Aman #4


    There are four types of reports you can create in Salesforce, Tabular, Summary,Matrix and Joined Reports. Each are best suited for showing different types of data depending on what you want out of a report.

    Tabular – The images that I have shown you in this post have all been from a tabular report. This is the simplest of reports and is suited to just showing lines of data and nothing else. If you just want to show data with no preference to seeing totals, calulations or groups of data then this is the report for you just to keep it simple. It is also best to use this report type if you are planning to use it to export data.

    Summary – As soon as you click “Group by this field” as shown in the above image, you will turn the report into a summary report. Summary reports are probably the most commonly used and are great for showing groups of data e.g. If you want to see your recent accounts opportunities they will be grouped by account and you can see each opportunity under the account. From then you can do calculations, you can see the total amount of sales under an account, you can see the maximum, minimum and also average amount. You can also sub group fields by dragging them under the initial group.

    Matrix – Matrix reports are very similar to Summary but they allow you to group by rows as well as columns to see different totals. Matrix reports aren’t commonly used unless you have to display lots of complex data.

    Joined Reports – Joined reports allow you to create two separate reports so that you can compare data. Again not most commonly used.




    Based on the presentation following styles can be used to generate report in salesforce.

    Tabular Report : The basic form of presentation of user data is tabular report. It has simple listing of data without any subtotals. One can use this report if the presentation is simple.

    Summary Report : Summary report is little bit advanced report as compare to tabular report having grouping of information with subtotals.

    Matrix Report : Matrix report has groups of data based on columns and rows. This report can be used to represent comparison between related total with total by row and total by column.

    Join Report : Join report has the more advanced way to represent data. This report will allow you to relate different blocks and show them in single report. Each block has unique attributes like name, filters, columns, data, and summary fields.


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