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    What are Custom Report Types in Salesforce?

    What are Custom Report Types?


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    Custom report types in salesforce allows us to build framework in the report wizard when creating custom reports. This custom reports can be created between standard and custom objects.

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    Custom report types in salesforce allows us to build framework in the report wizard

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    Custom Report Types are a fantastically easy way to create complex, dynamic reports that go beyond standard Salesforce reports.. A report type can be looked at as a template or framework that tells Salesforce which objects/relationships to look at and which fields to grab. By default, you get given various standard reports that Salesforce generates automatically for you. These reports link standard objects together like Accounts with Opportunities, Opportunities with Products, as well as reporting on Objects on their own,

    e.g. “Cases”. If you also create custom objects and add lookup/master-detail relationships, Salesforce will automatically create standard report types for these as well, such as Opportunities with Shipping or Opportunities and Shipping (Depending on whether it is a lookup or master-detail).

    Custom report types can include up to 4 objects in a parent-child mode, include fields from lookups to other object as well as a whole bunch of other features, let’s take a deeper look. To get started on CRT please navigate to..





    Custom Salesforce Reports
    The custom report type can be created by selecting the objects of your interest and their relationships. The wizard will give access to all child objects of these selected objects. This type of report can be customized as per user need.


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