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    Salesforce | Ankit Ankit #951

    URL Not hitting endpoint in SOAP Callout

    I was doing SOAP call out and I have added endpoint in remote and it still not hitting that URL. How can I resolve this?


    Salesforce | Adarsh Adarsh #958

    Hi Ankit,

    The unauthorized endpoint may be returned from the API callout you are doing and not because of Remote site settings.

    Note: For Apex code that is executed asynchronously, such as @future methods, Batch Apex jobs, or scheduled Apex jobs, getSessionId returns null.

    Hope it helps 🙂

    Salesforce | Archit Archit #957

    Hello Ankit,

    I think you should enter the remote URL in remote settings under the setup menu in Salesforce org. Once the URL will be there you can be easily authorise the URL.


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