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  • Prafull

    January 29, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    Process Composer app is easy to use for any type of organization. You just need to configure your business flow and you can automate your workflow process with this app without using any coding. There are mainly three key features of this app as below:-

    • BUILD- Eliminate the process manual. Store your process templates for repeated use. Steps in a process can be a Task, Custom Object, Checklist, Scheduled Event, Email Alert, Field Update, Webservice Callout or Document Merge (when paired with Mix™).
    • RUN- Kick off processes automatically when a record is created or updated, an event is scheduled on your calendar, time has passed (recurring processes), when records match your specific criteria, or manually by creating a record.
    • VISUALIZE- Visualize your processes with our process visualizations, including flow chart and Gantt views. Virtual Steps help you peer into your future workload of steps that haven't been created yet.


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