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    Messaging.EmailFileAttachment vs Messaging.singleEmailMessage in Salesforce?

    Describe the difference between two classes in Salesforce with example:

    • Messaging.EmailFileAttachment
    • Messaging.singleEmailMessage

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    Salesforce | Aman Aman #1

    Hello shubham,

    SingleEmailMessage Methods :
    Contains methods for sending single email messages.
    All base email (Email class) methods are also available to the SingleEmailMessage objects.

    Email properties are readable and writable. Each property has corresponding setter and getter methods. For example, the toAddresses() property is equivalent to the setToAddresses() and getToAddresses() methods. Only the setter methods are documented.

    EmailFileAttachment Class :
    EmailFileAttachment is used in SingleEmailMessage to specify attachments passed in as part of the request, as opposed to existing documents in Salesforce.

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