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    Is it mandatory requirement to have namespace to create Lightning components?

    Hello All, Is it mandatory requirement to have namespace to create Lightning Components?


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    Currently yes, But Salesforce is planning to remove this dependency so that default namespace can be used. As currently namespace is mandatory, we can create lightning components only in development organization but can be deployed on any salesforce instance where Apex is enabled.

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    Every component is part of a namespace, which is used to group related components together. If your organization has a namespace prefix set, use that namespace to access your components. Otherwise, use the default namespace to access your components.
    Another component or application can reference a component by adding <myNamespace:myComponent> in its markup. For example, the helloWorld component is in the docsample namespace. Another component can reference it by adding <docsample:helloWorld /> in its markup.

    Lightning components that Salesforce provides are grouped into several namespaces, such as aura, ui, and force. Components from third-party managed packages have namespaces from the providing organizations.

    In your organization, you can choose to set a namespace prefix. If you do, that namespace is used for all of your Lightning components. A namespace prefix is required if you plan to offer managed packages on the AppExchange.

    If you haven’t set a namespace prefix for your organization, use the default namespace c when referencing components that you’ve created.

    Hope it helps.

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