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    in which scenario, we should use static method in VF page contoller?

    my controller is not giving right output if i am using  all methods and variables static in my code.

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    Hello Saloni,

    #Static Method :

    Static methods are methods that act globally and not in the context of a particular object of a class. Being global, static methods only have access to its provided inputs and other static (global) variables.

    This example illustrates static vs. non-static methods
    public class LightJedi {
    public void slashLightsaber() {
    // Vooooom!

    public static String getJediCode() {
    String code = ‘There is no emotion, there is peace.’;
    code += ‘There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.’;
    code += ‘There is no passion, there is serenity.’;
    code += ‘There is no death, there is the Force.’;
    return code;

    public static String describeRank(String rank) {
    String description;
    if (rank == ‘Initiate’) {
    description = ‘Jedi hopeful’;
    } else if (rank == ‘Padawan’) {
    description = ‘Apprentice of a Jedi Knight’;
    } else if (rank == ‘Knight’) {
    description = ‘Completed the Jedi Trials’;
    } else if (rank == ‘Master’) {
    description = ‘David Liu’;
    return description;

    // Elsewhere…
    LightJedi davidLiu = new LightJedi();

    // Non-static methods require an object for context

    // Static methods aren’t related to a particular object

    // You don’t even use an object to call a static method!
    System.debug(LightJedi.describeRank(‘Master’)); // David Liu

    Other examples of static methods could be convert millimeters to centimeters, subtract two numbers, and convert String to uppercase.

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