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    Salesforce | Ravi Ravi #180

    How to display a message when the trigger finishes?

    Is it possible to display any message from a trigger directly?. I have created a trigger that doing some operation. I need that once the trigger finishes, without error, it display some success message to the user


    Salesforce | Abhinav Abhinav #188

    Hello Ravi,

    You can’t display an alert from a trigger. Trigger doesn’t have any direct access to the user interface.

    Salesforce | Sudhir Sudhir #381

    Firstly, please try to provide a use case of your scenario.

    Now coming to your question, if the motive is to display a message on record detail page or layout, there is a way.

    Create a Vf page with outputPanel having rendered attribute. ReRender this panel id when your controller gets the boolean flag passed from trigger or you can make a query if you are using a boolean field in trigger. Embed this VF age on the layout.

    Initialize a boolean variable(you can use boolean field also) as false in the trigger. When your trigger finishes, paas a boolean variable as true into the vf page controller. Refer that boolean variable into vf page rendered attribute.

    There could be other similar ways. You could give it a try.

    Salesforce | Pooja Pooja #8

    No, it is not possible to display any message from a trigger directly.

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