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    How is schedule apex different from batch apex?

    How is schedule apex different from batch apex?


     Rajan #947

    Hi ankit

    Schedule apex – you can call the apex classes on a specific time interval . This apex uses
    Schedulable interface.

    Batch apex- there are three method used in batch classes.
    This apex classes uses batchable interface.
    Database.batchable like this.

    Hope this help!

    Salesforce | Adarsh Adarsh #958

    Hi Ankit,

    To use batch Apex, write an Apex class that implements the Salesforce-provided interface Database.Batchable and then invoke the class programmatically.To monitor or stop the execution of the batch Apex job, from Setup, enter Apex Jobs in the Quick Find box, then select Apex Jobs.

    Salesforce schedules the class for execution at the specified time. Actual execution may be delayed based on service availability.You can only have 100 scheduled Apex jobs at one time. You can evaluate your current count by viewing the Scheduled Jobs page in Salesforce and creating a custom view with a type filter equal to “Scheduled Apex”. You can also programmatically query the CronTrigger and CronJobDetail objects to get the count of Apex scheduled jobs.


    Salesforce | Archit Archit #957

    Hello Ankit,

    Scheduling apex:

    To execute any class at specific time we use scheduling apex.


    Batch Apex:

    It divides the whole process in batches (each batch handles 200 records at a time).

    To handle large number of data we have to batch apex.

    Also used for overcome the governing limits.

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