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    How do we export dashboard into a PDF report in Salesforce?

    Guys, I am looking at having export dashboard into a PDF report which looks good. Is there any way to do it within SFDC or any 3rd party apps available. Let me know!!

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    Salesforce | Ravi Ravi #216

    Hi Jay,

    There is no standard functionality that will allow you to do this,but you can do this by doing some manual work:
    1. First Create a visualforce page with renderAs = pdf.
    2. Go to your dashboard panel and copy the image url.
    3. Add the copied image url inside <img></imag> tag on visualforce page.

    <apex:page name=”CustomDashBoard” renderAs=”PDF” showHeader=”true” sidebar=”false” title=”Custom DashBoard”>
    <p><img src = “your image url”></img></p>
    <p><img src = “your image url1”></img></p>
    <p><img src = “your image url2”></img></p>
    <p>you can also customize image size, text format according your requirement </p>

    4.Create a new Visual Force tab for this page.
    Since your page has renderAs=”PDF” you can export your dashboard as pdf.

    There are also some Apps on Appexchnage you can try:

    Salesforce | Gourav Gourav #598

    That´s a challenge. Here is how you should export dashboard into PDF report step by step:

    • Create a new VisualForce Page
    • Go to you dashboard and right click in the dashboard panel and select “Copy Image URL”.
    • Insert the copied url inside <img></img> tags on yous VisualForce Page
    • Format the page code with lines, tables, text or anything else you want to
    • Go to SETUP > CREATE > TAB. Create a new Visual Force Tab.
    • Choose your new Visual Force page
    • Since you can render the APEX PAGE as PDF, you will have the final result as follows.
    Salesforce | Nilesh Nilesh #193

    Hi #Ravi  & #Gourav
    I agree with your solutions, but is it possible the same thing for lightning dashboard ?


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