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    Explain configuring javascript remoting requests in Salesforce.

    Explain configuring javascript remoting requests in Salesforce.



    Hi Anjali,

    JavaScript remoting is a tool that front-end developers can use to make an AJAX request from a Visualforce page directly to an Apex controller. JavaScript remoting allows you to run asynchronous actions by decoupling the page from the controller and to perform tasks on the page without having to reload the entire page.
    In addition, JavaScript remoting can help alleviate view state issues while still executing in the context of the user viewing the page. JavaScript remoting is the most efficient way of calling the controller and passing data in from the page, because you can ensure that you’re passing only the data that you need each time that you make a call.

    Configure a remoting request by providing an object with configuration settings when you declare the remoting request.
    For example, the default configuration parameters look like this:

    { buffer: true, escape: true, timeout: 30000 }


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