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    Salesforce | Sanjana Sanjana #662

    Can we edit a scheduled job in Salesforce Apex?

    Can we edit a scheduled job in Apex?


     shradha jain #664

    Hello Sanjana,
    You cannot update the scheduled jobs. You need to delete the existing job and then schedule it again.


    Hi Sanjana,

    It seems the once a “Scheduled job” has attained its end date salesforce does not provide the facility of extending it into future.

    The best way ahead would be to let it remain and schedule a new one. In case you wish to remove clutter you even can delete the existing one.

    So as you mention in your post you yourself have figured it out and yes once a scheduled job expires you cannot edit the end date.


    Salesforce | Parul Parul #954

    Hi Sanjana,

    Existing Apex scheduled jobs are not editable. A simple change like updating the frequency means you have to delete the old one, and then create a new one.

    Scheduling frequency details that you enter when creating a scheduling job do not show up in Scheduled Job page. This makes it difficult to know how these were setup.



    Salesforce | Pooja Pooja #5

    No, We can not edit a scheduled job in Salesforce apex.

    Salesforce | Shubham Shubham #21

    Hi Sanjana,

    No we cannot edit a scheduled job in salesforce

    Salesforce | Kirandeep Kirandeep #12

    Hi Sanjana,

    No,existing Apex scheduled jobs are not editable.You need to delete old one and then create new one.

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