How to Choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Company for your Business?

When you plan to implement the most powerful CRM system, it is always an easy pick for any business to go for Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM provider. More than 100,000 companies around the world have chosen Salesforce as their CRM to help them streamline the way they connect with prospects and customers to close bigger deals and grow revenue. However, according to the surveys and reports, around one-third of all the CRM projects go wrong because Salesforce offers a large number of services which sometimes becomes difficult for the companies to figure out its benefits and how to implement it. This involves risk, time, and cost. And that’s where the need for the best Salesforce Consulting Company comes in.

Hiring the right Salesforce Consulting Company is one of the single best things a business can do to get the most out of Salesforce CRM as its implementation involves multiple steps and you need enterprise-level expertise to follow these steps for a seamless process.

A Salesforce Consulting company possesses the skills and experience needed to implement best practices that help you to grow your business. But the question is, with the hundreds of official Salesforce Consulting companies present before you, how do you choose the top Salesforce Consultant for your business?

There are a number of things that you need to know before you select your Salesforce Consulting Partner. Here, we are sharing some of the top tips with you which will help you to decide better:

  • Define vision and success

    It is always best to start the process by laying down distinctly what your vision is. Determine the goals and objectives, register your needs, identify teams and business functions that will be deranged by the upcoming changes, your long-term vision, and the desired outcome.

  • Salesforce Consulting Partner Level

    Salesforce includes the rapidly expanding Salesforce Consulting Partner ecosystem. All Salesforce partners are tiered at Program Tiers (Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit) based on a Partner Value Score (PVS).

  • Project and Industry Experience

    Assessing the Project and Industry Experience of your Salesforce Consulting Partner is important. Ask about their successful projects implemented, strategies used, number of licenses, case studies and client references, etc.

  • Implementation Methodology

    When you plan to hire the best Salesforce Consulting Company for your business, it is important you understand the partner’s implementation approach.

  • Communication and Support

    The Salesforce Consulting company you select should be always ready for smooth communication and willing to talk about the project. The Salesforce platform is continuously evolving and transforming and staying updated with it is important so that your Salesforce Consulting partner can provide you all the support you need.

Designing and implementing a Salesforce project includes project planning, change management, and a lot more than that. It is a risky as well as a time-consuming process. Choosing the right Salesforce Consulting partner for your project is crucial who will be an extension of your team and empower you to unleash your Salesforce potential and maximize value for your business. To help you ease this process, Forcetalks here brings you the list of the best Salesforce Consulting Companies from all around the world.

Forcetalks takes market reach, online presence, and years of experience of the companies into consideration to understand their contributions to the industry. The other valuable parameter acknowledged by the research team is the tendency of the company to deliver Salesforce consulting services to customers, which are proven by client reviews and recommendations.

If you are looking for the best Salesforce consulting company for your business, you won’t have to wander around or go through a lengthy process of researching. Check out this list of Top Salesforce Consultants and choose the best that suits your needs.

List of Top 5 Salesforce Consulting Companies