Salesforce Apps

  • DataArchiva

    A native solution to archive all your data with in no time.
    DataArchiva is a true native Salesforce app to archive unused or less-used data intelligently, which saves more than 80% of data storage cost. It helps […]

  • Case Management App by Algoworks

    Case Manager is a lightning-ready 100% native app designed to help in better case management – merge duplicate cases, split a case into multiple cases, and manage Case SLA via an intuitive flag system.

    Get […]

  • Task Manager by Algoworks

    Task Manager is a® native application. Now you will never miss your tasks. There will be no such thing as ‘lost in procrastination/missed’. Managers can see the deadline tasks of a […]

  • Extotel CTI Salesforce Integration

    Exotel CTI integration with Salesforce is a virtual contact center solution, aims to provide this easy, efficient and interactive integration which not just settles by intelligently handling your calls to and from […]

  • Smart SMS APP by Girikon

    Girikon – Smart SMS App will allow its user to send single or bulk SMS/MMS messages from the Salesforce hassle free. Its user can create multiple SMS templates for various objects (standard and custom) and use […]

  • ORGanizer for Salesforce

    The ORGanizer Chrome Extension ets you forget about your® username and passwords and help you to recognize® tabs on your browser.
    With Salesforce ORGanizer you can:
    – Store your f […]

  • Security Zen

    Security Zen is a free desktop application that enables you to manage security (Profiles and Permission Sets) of Salesforce entities in an easy to use grid view.

    Learn more and download from:

  • Quick Switcher

    This extension provides one-click switching feature between salesforce classic and lightning view.
    An extension for QA, Developer and all Salesforce lover.

  • Salesforce Coding Utility


    1. Code in maximized Window
    Start doing code in the maximized window. You just need to check the Maximize checkbox, which will appear on the top-left […]

  • WedgeCommerce-In-Built eCommerce on Salesforce

    Wedgecommerce ( allows centralizing eCommerce on Salesforce with a beautiful storefront. This effective application can be used to combine data warehousing and Customer Relationship […]

  • World Clock Lightning Component

    One can position this clock on every record page like Leads, Contacts, Accounts and even on Community pages.

    Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile app as well.

    Gives an option to display the time of different […]

  • Smart Calculator

    One can use this calculator to make calculations on the Home page, every record page like Leads, Contacts, Accounts and even on Community pages.

    Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile app as well.

    Gives an […]

  • CMSKUL-Content Management System (CMS) Built On Salesforce

    Build an easy and personified portal with a potential CMS in order to drive the involvement of traffic in your digital world. This 100% cloud based CMS delivers designed portal including view social icons, geo […]

  • Salesforce Cab Management System

    Mark and plan the routes of cab via Google map. Organise and administer your fleets which includes route management, scheduling of cabs, creating drop points for individual routes.

    Creation and listing of […]

  • Smart Multi Weather Information

    Displays weather of Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Contracts and by default selected city in a beautiful manner. The weather application has multiple themes which you can manage as per your need from the admin […]

  • Events Reminder

    This application helps a user in sending wishes automatically to the concerned person. It includes birthday and marriage anniversary of Users(Employees) and Contacts, work anniversary of the Users( Employees) and […]

  • Agent Alerts by CRM Foresight LLC

    Do you have front line agents working with clients that could accidentally overlook important information that’s buried in fields on the page or in child records that could be easily missed?

    You can solve this […]

  • ResinFiles

    Going back and forth from Salesforce to your Google Drive is slow. Our simple integration allows you to have everything you need in one place. Managing your files and folders has never been so easy.

  • Admin Central

    Application provide code coverage report of all connected organization from a single installed instance. Various other features are coming soon!

    Export Coverage report in various formats
    Lightning Design […]

  • Excel SmartClient for Salesforce

    The Excel SmartClient enables you to manage and maintain your Salesforce data in Excel. With one click you can sync your data in either direction. Not only that, you can also use the SmartClient to download data […]

  • Astapor Marketing Attribution Beta

    Astapor Marketing Attribution helps you distribute your sales revenue across marketing campaigns and sales activities. You’ll understand which campaigns pay for themselves and which sales strategies are worth […]

  • Astapor VAT Checker

    Check if your account’s VAT number is valid against the EU VIES service. The registered address for the VAT number is then automatically stored in you account record.
    No need to leave Salesforce to validate […]

  • FormTitan Form Builder with Robust Integration for Salesforce

    FORMTITAN – platform designed to build and intensify digital presence on top salesforce CRM.
    With FORMTITAN you can introduce amazing customer experience by creating a dynamic journey and full set of service […]

  • Revulytics Compliance Intelligence

    Compliance Intelligence reports on orgs using your software without paying for it. Whether pirates or existing customer overuse, get insight into who’s using it, how its used, and how widely its deployed. Convert […]


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