Lined Circle

Tips to keep customer relationships strong when you're not meeting IRL.

1. Listen to your team

Organize team meetings and help  them redefine their work through a variety of tools and channels.

2. Be mindful of customer's time

Keep agenda's tight and focused, take careful notes, and focus on how you can help.

3. Brainstorm and propose ideas

Deep listening is important. Hear carefully what your customers are concerned about.  Set up a virtual coffee. Brainstorm how to work together. Propose ideas that could solve their problems now.

4. Listen to your customers with empathy

Things feel uncertain at times, people still need to do business. Contracts are written. Pain points still need to be solved. Listen to your customers with empathy, and you’ll end up creating true value for them.

5. Learn together

We are stronger when we work together, when we double down on our relationships, and our community. So, learn together and build successful customer relationships.