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    What are limits of batch class when we use Queuable Salesforce Apex?

    What are limits of batch class when we use Queuable Salesforce Apex?


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    Hi Himanshu,

    Below are the limits of queueable apex:

    1. The execution of a queued job count as one against the shared limit for asynchronous Apex method executions.
    2. You can add up to 50 jobs to the queue with System.enqueueJob in a single transaction.
    3. No limit is enforced on the depth of chained jobs, which means that you can chain one job to another job and repeat this process.




    Queueable Interface methods and Future methods are Asynchronous Apex Processes that add jobs to the job queue and each job runs when system resources become available, so it doesn’t delay the execution of the main Apex logic. They also share a benefit of having some higher governor limits than synchronous Apex, such as heap size limits (12 MB),  number of SOQL queries issued (200) and Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers (60k ms). But the Queueable interface methods are a step up from the future methods because they also come with these additional benefits (according to Salesforce release notes):


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