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    My Custom Visualforce edit page does not show any values

    I have a simple edit page on a custom object with a ‘simple’ controller extension (as I need a custom save method). However .. the VF page does no show any values …. (and no error).

    Public Account MyAcc { get; set; }
    Public Account_PriceBook__c acc { get; set; }
    public Account_PriceBook__c AccPB { get; set; }
    //** Class constructor (Always loaded ....)
    public DEPT_AcContPcBControllerExt(ApexPages.StandardController Controller) {
    acc = (account_pricebook__c)controller.getRecord();
    String modeStr = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('Mode');
    TextDescription = '';
    system.debug('*** ** *** Record id'+Acc.id);
    system.debug('*** ** *** Mode'+modeStr);
    if (acc != null && acc.Id != null){
    Account_PriceBook__c AccPB = [SELECT id, Price__c,Account_Lookup__c,Description__c, AgencyLookup__c,Product_Lookup__c,marge__c from account_pricebook__c where id = :acc.id];
    system.debug('*** ** *** Account id'+AccPB.Account_Lookup__c);
    system.debug('*** ** *** Description'+AccPB.Description__c);
    MyAcc = [SELECT id,name FROM account WHERE id=: AccPB.Account_Lookup__c LIMIT 1];
    system.debug('*** ** *** Account Name'+MyAcc.Name);
    } //** End of constructor


    The VF page outputfield (or input) shows no value …

    <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
    <apex:outputLabel >Product</apex:outputLabel>
    <apex:outputField value="{!accpb.Product_Lookup__c}"/>

    So … I must be overlooking something .. but what …

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    Salesforce | Charan Tej Charan Tej #36

    Did you pass id as parameter in the visualforce page.

    /apex/Your_page_name?id=Record ID you want to see in edit mode

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