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    How Can I Insert, Update the Account Records from Vf page using Remote actions..??

    How Can I Insert, Update the Account Records(using  custom controller class) from Vf page using Remote actions..??


    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Mallesh,

    Definitely you can Update and Insert Account or any object Record using JavaScript Remoting.

    check the below code:

    //This is a javaScript Remoting function, you can use it to update/Insert Account
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function getRemoteAccount() {
        var account = {!accRec}; //Initialize an account in your controller like, Account accRec{get;set;}
        //Then set the values of this from your page
            function(result, event){
                if (event.status) {
                    //Even account get updated, you will get the values in "result"
                } else if (event.type === 'exception') {
                    document.getElementById("responseErrors").innerHTML = event.message;
                } else {
                    document.getElementById("responseErrors").innerHTML = event.message;
            {escape: true}
    In apex you can have this method.
    Public Static void updateAccount(Account acc){
        if(acc != null){
               update acc;
           }catch(DMLException de){
               System.debug('DML Exception');
    Hope this will be helpful!!!
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