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    Difference between Top Down and Bottom Up approach in SOAP?

    What is difference between Top Down and Bottom Up approach in SOAP Web Services?


    Top Down approach in SOAP-

    1. Top Down approach involves creating a WSDL and then creating the Web service using the WSDL file.
    2. In top-down approach, first you design the implementation of the Web service by creating a WSDL file. You can then create the Web service skeleton Java classes from the wsdl, and add the required code.

    Bottom Up approach in SOAP-

    1. When creating a web service using Bottom Up approach, first you write the java classes for the web service and then create the WSDL file and publish the web service.
    2. Although bottom-up Web service development may be faster and easier, the top-down approach is the recommended way of creating a Web service.
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