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    Can we write a wrapper class in test class to create a json string?

    Can we write a wrapper class in test class to create a json string?

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    Here is an example that will explain how to write a unit tests for a wrapper class.


    public class submitPsOSimpleServiceDetailWrapper{
    public string providerId{get;set;}
    public string patientId{get;set;}
    public string productId{get;set;}
    public PsOSimpleWrapper.PaitentInformationWrapper patientDetails{get;set;}


    public class PsOSimpleWrapper{
    public class PaitentInformationWrapper{
    public string PatientfirstName {get;set;}
    public string PatientMI {get;set;}
    public string PatientlastName {get;set;}


    test class code:

    public static testmethod void Test_1(){

    string psosimplejson='{“providerId”:””,”patientId”:””,”productId”:””,”patientDetails”:[patientDetails: {“PatientfirstName”:””,”PatientMI”:””,”PatientlastName”:””,”PatientdateOfBirth”:””}]}’;

    string str= PsOSimpleServiceController.savePaitentInformation(psosimplejson);
    //have covered all the wrappers in test class


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