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    Can we create a Formula Type in Reports in Salesforce?

    Can we create a Formula Type in Reports in Salesforce?



    Add a Summary Formula Column in Lightning Experience:

    • Edit or create a report.
    • If necessary, group report data. From the Groups section, select a field from the Add group… lookup menu under GROUP ROWS.
    • From the Columns section, click   | Add Summary Formula Column.
    • Optionally, to open the full editor, click Switch to Full Editor.
    • Enter a summary formula. For example: IF(AMOUNT:SUM < 1000000, AMOUNT:SUM * (1 – 0.15), AMOUNT:SUM * (1 – 0.20))
    • To see if your formula contains errors, click Check Syntax. Resolve any errors.
    • Optionally, click FORMAT to choose how to format results, how many decimals points to show, and to change
    • where the formula gets applied.
    • Click Apply.
    • Click Save.
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