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Why Should You Prefer Salesforce Texting App Over Other Business Communication Channels?

In today’s cutthroat business landscape, organizations should not just focus on providing quality products and services but also maintain amiable customer relationships. However, this is easier said than done as customers look for several things including personalized experience, and prompt response before associating with a brand. To improve brand awareness and engagement, it’s essential to ensure seamless communication with your customers.

While there is no dearth of digital channels of communication, text messaging continues to be one of the most effective ones. In fact, it’s independence from the internet makes it a cost-effective channel with great penetration power. With an open rate of about 90% and readability of around 98%, text messaging Apps like SMS (Short Messaging Service) has become a preferred channel of communication.

Despite its effectiveness, SMS Apps fail to fulfil the evolving needs of a business as its interface isn’t intuitive enough. When integrated with robust software like a CRM system, its effectiveness increases significantly.  One such CRM integrated SMS App is the Smart SMS App that is built natively on the Salesforce platform. This Salesforce SMS App allows users to engage effectively with customers, and offers the following benefits:

Personalized Communication:

A CRM integrated SMS App can be useful in personalizing communication with existing, as well as potential customers in an effective way.

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The USP of a CRM integrated text-messaging App is its’ ability to function from a single place for everything. Such an App allows teams to access and send texts from within Salesforce with an embedded component on a page. In other words, it is possible to send individual texts via a single record page or send messages in bulk (broadcast texts) through the text messaging tab present within Salesforce.


Since, every interaction including text messages, live chat and phone calls get recorded in a single place in a Salesforce platform, users get a complete view of every contact. This is particularly important for your sales, service and marketing teams that can deliver seamless customer communication.

Final Words:

Effective communication is the key to better engagement, better customer relationships, and more conversion. By leveraging a Salesforce SMS App like Smart SMS App make sure you get in touch with a reputed service provider.


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