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Why Should You Consider Migrating To Salesforce Lightning In 2022?

Salesforce has been in the industry for over two decades and has already carved its niche in the market. The CRM platform has been consistent in helping small, medium, and large enterprises in handling their customer databases. With Salesforce, you can understand the likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences of every customer catered by your company and provide personalized solutions to the same.

However, just like using any other digital platform, it is important for Salesforce users to stay in sync with the ongoing changes, trends, development, and technological shifts in the industry. This is what makes migration to Salesforce Lightning important.

Especially if you have not yet switched to Salesforce and are looking for the right Salesforce data migration services, it is always advisable to shift to Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Classic, the older version of Salesforce has helped organizations around the world manage their customer data for several years. In the wake of changing digital environment, the CRM company decided to launch a new interface that is more efficient and productive.

Salesforce Lightning provides users with a more flexible, scalable, and simpler user interface. If you are already a Salesforce user, upgrading to Salesforce Lightning should not be an issue for you. It would only help you in leveraging the overall potential of the CRM platform and achieve your business goals in the best way possible.

However, Salesforce migration needs to be performed with the utmost care and precision. Whether you do it with the help of an in-house team or implement dedicated Salesforce data migration tools, make sure that your shift to Salesforce is smooth and sustainable.

As we enter into 2022, the corporate world keeps getting increasingly digitized. Process automation has become the need of the hour and organizations have started setting up permanent hybrid workplaces. In order to stay in sync with the changing work culture around the world, it is important to make a switch to Salesforce Lightning and avail yourself of its benefits.

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Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider migrating to Salesforce Lightning in 2022:

Ease Of Operation

Salesforce is often touted to be a complicated CRM platform to work on. Businesses still believe that it is not possible for non-technical employees to use the CRM platform to perform their tasks. However, Salesforce Lightning proves them wrong.

Although some amount of training is required to get familiar with the new platform, Salesforce Lightning provides users with an interface that is simpler and easier to understand as compared to Salesforce Classic. It facilitates a no-code development of applications and the use of drag-and-drop tools. Such ease of operation allows your employees to save their time and effort in performing their daily tasks.

Building Large-scale Web Applications

Building business-specific applications in the Salesforce environment helps you streamline a range of business processes and cater to the personalized needs of your clients. Salesforce Lightning allows developers to build large-scale web applications using the Aura framework and Lightning Web Components (LWC). The new framework makes app development easier, more scalable, and more efficient.

Managing Sales Opportunities With Kanban View

Salesforce Lightning allows your sales reps to manage sales opportunities with the Kanban View. The feature allows users to see a visual summary of all the records in a list view, providing them with a holistic view of all the ongoing tasks and the tasks to be performed. This allows your sales reps to summarize, sort, filter, and move opportunities as per their requirements. The Kanban View provides users with a big and complete picture of the tasks to be performed, allowing them to make better decisions.

The platform also allows users to create tasks and events that are directly related to a specific opportunity without the need to leave the view. This helps them save a good amount of time and effort by working on a centralized interface.

Advanced Reports And Dashboards

With Salesforce Lightning, the CRM platform has redesigned the customizable reports and dashboards provided to the users. The new Salesforce reports are easier to create, view, edit, and manage, irrespective of the location of the users. Salesforce Lightning allows your sales reps to obtain all the required information via interactive charts and prevents them from drilling into tedious reports.

Moreover, Salesforce Lightning users can create dashboards with more than three columns and column-spanning components to improve their experience. With redesigned home pages for the Lightning Experience, it has become easier for users to find reports and dashboards after logging into the CRM platform.

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Personalized Guidance Via Lightning Path

As the name suggests, Lightning Path is a tool that guides your sales reps throughout the process of making a sale – right from acquiring a lead to nurturing and converting it. At every step taken by your sales reps, the platform would provide them with personalized suggestions and recommendations to improve their tasks. This allows them to close sales deals better and faster to drive home the desired revenue.

AI Support With Salesforce Einstein

In the age of digitization, AI is no longer considered to be a niche technology. It has found applications in processes carried out by organizations operating at all scales. Salesforce Lightning provides users with Einstein – the AI component of Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein allows users to predict the behaviour of customers, understand their buying patterns, forecasts sales, ascertain the likelihood of a marketing campaign succeeding, and obtain a plethora of valuable insights. Einstein works as a virtual personal assistant for the users, helping them make the right decisions based on their needs and preferences.

The Final Word

These were some of the most important reasons why you should consider migrating to Salesforce Lightning as you enter the new year. 2022 is going to be the year of even more technological advancements and new trends emerging across all major industries. Switching to the Lightning Experience would help you make the most of your customer database and optimize Salesforce for your organization.

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