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Every Nonprofit organization needs to manage its data like donor's information, volunteers, accounts, emails, etc in one place for it to run seamlessly. The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a subset of the Nonprofit Cloud. It is a data architecture that sits on top of Salesforce and is preconfigured for the sorts of use cases that charities require, such as Donations and Households. Nonprofits can use NPSP to organize supporter, fundraising, and program data.

Pros of NPSP

  • Data Unification Across Fundraising, Engagement, and Programs

  • Management of Constituent Relationships on a Single Platform

  • Real-time Reports and Dashboards to Aid Decision Making

  • NPSP Constituent Relationship Management can help you raise more money faster

  • Meet volunteers, donors, and clients all in one spot


Information Understand performance by visualizing reports in easy dashboards. Over 70 industry reports and dashboards are included with NPSP.

Donations That Recur

Manage sustainer revenue from loyal supporters and improve revenue forecasting.

Plans for Engagement

Create an automated relocation management plan depending on donor categories or levels. Plans can be started manually or automatically by an administrator.

relocation management

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Encourage Marketing and Engagement

Personalization of Content

In Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, use your own data from NPSP to develop segmented messages and customized content.

Emails Using Templates

Use pre-built templates inside Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits to send personalized emails that are clean, streamlined, and eye-catching on any device in just a few clicks.

Marketing Cloud
Programs should be linked to NPSP.

Tracking of Programs

The Program Management Module (PMM) provides a standardized framework for tracking any form of program or service, regardless of its complexity.

Tracking of Services

Track individual service delivery and see how they link to the broader program.


Divide program participants into parts depending on characteristics such as season, class, or funder.

Attendance and Recurring Services

Service schedules enable program personnel to create several offers of the same service while tracking attendance.

program personnel
Tips to make the most out of NPSP

Keep up with the latest NPSP releases

The NPSP is automatically updated every two weeks! Subscribe to the NPSP Release Announcements group in the Power of Us Hub to receive notifications on what each release contains and what you need to activate it.

Check to see whether the NPSP is correct for you

While the NPSP is wonderful for most businesses, others may not require certain features of NPSP capabilities. Use your NPSP trial and ask plenty of questions in the Power of Us Hub before importing all of your data.

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Make a Time and Resource Commitment

While the NPSP is free, committing to making Salesforce a success in your firm is a significant financial investment. The NPSP is a community-driven tool that was meticulously crafted to suit the needs of your organization. There are a plethora of resources available for you to go through to get a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Apps can be used to customize the NPSP

The best thing about Salesforce is it can be tailored to your specific needs. Leveraging that you may create a roadmap for how you want to customize your Salesforce instance using applications from the Salesforce AppExchange. Nevertheless, there are several alternatives. Pace yourself by implementing the changes in stages.

Hence, Salesforce’s NPSP has a lot to offer. It is up to an organization to leverage its benefits to the optimum. If you are an organization that needs assistance with your system getting up and running, get in touch with our expert team at Appheinz. We specialize in the nonprofit sector and have helped several organizations successfully so far with all their requirements.

Visit our website to know more about who we are and what we do. Write to us in case of any queries. We make sure to get back to you at our earliest.


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