What Do Salesforce MVP Think About Certification?

How to Get a free Salesforce Certification?

Did you know that if you earn your first Salesforce certification between July 1 and September 30, 2022, you’ll receive a FREE $200 certification voucher from Salesforce? It can be used by you or your Trailblazer colleagues.

A few factors to keep in mind:

✦ The offer is valid only if you’ve earned your first certification that is currently housed on the Salesforce Certifications page

✦ It does not include Vlocity Energy & Utilities Developer I, Health Quoting Developer I, Insurance Quoting Developer I, Order Management Developer I, or Accredited Professional, Tableau, Mulesoft or Slack certifications

✦ It excludes employees or officials of government entities

✦ It is for single use only and has no cash value

The voucher will be accessible for 3 months from the date of receipt. We’re leaving a link in the comments for you to check all the limitations and terms of use.

So, if you're still asking yourself if you should pass the certification or not, check the opinions of Salesforce MVPs,  Cyril LOUIS ☁ and Amanda Beard-Neilson on this issue!

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According to IDC Research, the number of jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2026 will increase almost twice. However surprising it may seem, digitalization in this domain does not reduce jobs but produces them. And preparing for the future makes sense: a previous study of job postings between 2013 and 2018 found that nearly half a million required at least one Salesforce skill.

So we asked Salesforce MPVs Cyril LOUIS ☁ and Amanda Beard-Neilson why you need to pass certification exams, what to choose and how to prepare.

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Cyril LOUIS ☁, CEO & Co-Founder at Mavericx | Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Platform Champion

1. Why should you pass Salesforce Certification?

I see 2 main reasons 🙂

It could be to train and level up your skills in a specific area because you will need them prior to implementation. Learning and preparing for certification will increase your knowledge.

Or it could be to recognize your already earned skills after a project. To keep a trace of your expertise.

I don't see a reason to pass a certification, just for the sake of chasing certifications 😉

2. What are the best preparation ways?

Learning by doing is the best preparation! So I would say hands-on and real-life experience. 

If you don't have a real project, why don't you look for a pro bono project? Or still, you have access to a Dev Org to create your own project... Lastly, Trailhead also has projects! This lands me to Trailhead as another great asset for your preparation. You have access to great trails with projects, not just quiz-based badges.

And if you need more support mixing theory and concrete exercises, Trailhead also offers courses via the Trailhead Academy with certified instructors! I used that opportunity in the past, always with success. 

Lastly, some Trailblazer Community groups often organize some learning and training sessions with their members, so join a local group and get additional motivation 😉

3. What certifications are the most demanded?

If a certification exists, there is a need. What can be useful for me, might be irrelevant for you. What is most demanded in my area, my market, my industry, might not be the same as yours. 

Still, because you raised the question, I would start with a basic: Architecture certifications imply a deep understanding of the platform, so it is often a very good play.

I may also say that I see more and more requests around the Marketing Cloud suite, especially those days around CDP and Personalization modules. I also see more and more use cases in the Commerce Cloud suite, B2C and B2B, and also in CPQ and Billing processes of Revenue Cloud.

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Amanda Beard-Neilson, Expert in Digital Strategy and Delivery, Portfolio Manager at Capgemini. Salesforce MVP.

1. Why should you pass Salesforce Certification?

A Salesforce certification can reinforce your own knowledge gained from the experience of Salesforce implementations. It can bolster your confidence in the subject area and also be a useful addition to your CV.

2. What are the best preparation ways?

The best preparation can be via a variety of routes, the first being on-the-job learning and being hands-on with the platform and then using materials provided by Salesforce, via Trailhead to learn more about the subject and to experience the type of questions that the exam might ask.

3. What certifications are the most demanded?

The most demanded certifications are usually the ones where companies are looking for people to manage a Salesforce Org. Make sure you have the Administrator certification to show you have the foundations covered to keep a healthy Org.

Use all this advice to improve your career in Salesforce. Good luck, #ohana!

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