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Understanding Workflow Rules in Salesforce | The Developer Guide

Work process in Salesforce is essentially a holder or business rationale motor that computerized certain activities dependent on specific rules. On the off chance that the measures are met, the activities get executed. At the point when they are not met, records will get spared however no activity will get executed.

Examine the Points to be Talked About in This Part:

Before getting into more profundities, let me expound somewhat more about what precisely work processes run in Salesforce are. 

Get a point by point comprehension of the Salesforce Automation System! The following is the fundamental structure of a work process rule in Salesforce:

Work Process Manages in Salesforce Can be Separated into Two Primary Parts:


Criteria are conditions you should place so as to test a record. For instance, in case you're from a specialized foundation, what the in the event that announcement does in an in the event that/at that point condition is the thing that measures mean in a work process


Actions happen after a record meets the measures. Once more, what the then articulation does in the event that/at that point condition is the thing that an activity implies in the work process

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There are Two Kinds of Activities Present in a Work Process in Salesforce: 

Quick activities:

Actions that get executed promptly when a record is made or altered.

Time-subordinate activities:

Actions that get executed after a specific term of time, for example, 10 days, before a record's nearby date. After this time span, the work process administrators in Salesforce will reexamine the record just to ensure that the standard models are met. On the off chance that the record meets the standards, the adjusted activities will be executed. 

The accompanying advances happen at whatever point you make or alter a record: 

The standards of a specific work process dynamic on that article get assessed. 

In the Event that This Stands: 

Valid: The activities related to the specific work process rule get executed. 

Bogus: The records get spared without executing any activity. 

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In this way, essentially, the work process managed in Salesforce can be utilized to mechanize the activities dependent on certain standards. They can trigger an activity when a record is made or altered. 

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You can send a source message to the objective framework. This can be utilized to keep the objective frameworks in a state of harmony with Salesforce.

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