Salesforce Licenses

Understanding About All the Salesforce Licenses and its Types

Salesforce Licenses

Salesforce provides licenses for its users to access their company data. These licenses are available on the Company Information page. Developer Edition Organization gives you full access to all the features of the platform, as well as licenses for other Salesforce products that allow you to explore and discover new functionality. A number of salesforce licenses are provided including. 

  • 2 Salesforce licenses. 
  • 3 Salesforce Platform licenses. 
  • 2 Salesforce CRM licenses. 
  • 2 Salesforce Mobile licenses. 
  • 5 Salesforce Partner licenses. 
  • 10 Customer Portal Manager licenses. 

To understand the license, let's take an example for example to access or check the contracts we need the read permissions this permission is a part of the user license multiple legends may support the same permission.

A Salesforce user must have a license in order to access the specific function to access more features one can purchase a permission set license or a feature license in addition organizations can purchase user-based entitlements.

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Salesforce License Types 


  1. User License:

A user license defines which feature functionality a user has access to in Salesforce. You need one license for each user. Users are assigned data access through their profile and optionally by enabling a permission set. 

  1. Feature License:

The feature license allows users to access additional features of the Salesforce application that are not included in the user's license like marketing or WDC. They can have any number of users' feature licenses. 

  1. Permission Set License

Similarly, to the features license the permission set license gives users access to features not included in their user license. It is a convenient way to assign permission for users to use various tools and functions. 

Below are some actions that can be performed using the permission set license: 

  • It allows checking for the number of permission set licenses in 
  • These licenses can be assigned to a user. 
  • It also allows the company to remove the assigned license from the User. 

How to Check for the License Type? 

We can check the license available for the company and can purchase an additional license. To check it, we need to follow the path below on Salesforce: 

Setup-> Administration Setup -> Company Profile -> Company Information

It looks like the image below: 

The licenses differ as per the editions. 

Here we will discuss the different types of Salesforce User Licenses. 

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Different Salesforce User Licenses 

The salesforce User-licenses are divided into different types, which are given below: 

  1. Salesforce 
  2. Salesforce Platform 
  3. Lightning Platform: 
  4. com-One App 
  5. Knowledge only User 
  6. Content Only User 
  7. Guest User 
  8. Customer Portal Manager Standard 
  9. Customer Portal Manager Custom 
  10. High Volume Customer Portal User 
  11. Chatter Only 
  12. Chatter Free License 
  13. Chatter External 



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