Unboxing Salesforce Spring 18 new Lightning Features

Unboxing Salesforce Spring '18 New Lightning Features

Salesforce has released a new feature in spring-18 by which You can Personalize an app’s navigation bar to suit the unique way You work. You can rename, reorder and remove you have added.

Personalized navigation in Lightning Experience is similar to customized tab sets in Salesforce Classic. In Lightning Experience navigation bar, you can add more items like a dashboard, list, or record including objects.

Temporary Tabs-

You can create a tab for a frequently used item like dashboard, records etc so that you can access them instantly. Ex. below is the tab for frequently used Account.


Once you click on the above Open New Tab Link a temporary tab will be created.The asterisk before the temporary tab indicates that it is a temporary tab and can be removed by clicking on the cross icon in front of the text.


The temporary tab also will be removed automatically when you switch to another app or you log out. You can convert this temporary tab to a permanent tab.

Making a permanent tab into navigation bar-

Click on the drop-down icon on the temporary tab that will display an option to make this tab permanent.


After clicking on above link you will find a permanent tab for the selected Account.

Managing Items In Navigation Bar -

There is a pencil icon on the right side of the navigation bar. By clicking this pencil icon you can manage (Reorder, Rename and Remove ) your navigation bar.




  1. You can reorder the tabs by dragging and dropping them in the queue.You can edit and delete custom tab that you have created but you can not modify the items defined by the admin.
  2. There can be up to 50 tabs in the navigation bar. If there is already 50 tabs defined by admin then you can not any tab by yourself.
  3. Whatever you have done in the navigation bar will not be accessible in the classic environment.

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