Top Salesforce Spring '23 Customer Data Platform Features

The management and extraction of insights from customer data are made simpler for your digital-first marketing team by a customer data platform (CDP), a piece of marketing technology. These technologies often consist of a customer database, marketing automation, management tools for multichannel campaigns, and tools for in-the-moment customer interactions. All of your company's customer data is housed centrally in a Customer Data Platform. Anyone from your firm can find all of the organized client data there.

The ability of a Customer Data Platform to segment audiences is by far the single most important value for most marketers. Marketers can uncover chances for improved personalization and cross-sell by using the capabilities of a Customer Data Platform to observe how a single customer interacts with the various brands of their organization.

Customer Data Platform enables you to link and consolidate data across systems, fuel the personalized and connected marketing experiences that your consumers want, and track engagement across channels. Create and install data kits and packages to expand the use of the customer data platform. Activate data profiles to target advertising on Google and Meta.

In this blog, we will go through the latest Salesforce Spring ‘23 Customer Data Platform features;

Third-Generation Packages for Tracking Changes

Since second-generation (2GP) packages are source driven and created with the Salesforce Developer Experience CLI, partners can manage package versions using the tools of their choice. In addition, they are not required to preserve their development metadata in a developer org; they can instead save it in their own version control system. The Customer Data Platform offers 2GP for relationships, data kit entities, data models and mappings, and Amazon S3 data streams. The second-generation packages used by AppExchange partners allow for the development, distribution, and management of apps and information.

Where: Every edition of Lightning Experience is affected by this modification.

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Using Workflow Orchestration, Chain Processes in a Sequence

It can only initiate Customer Data Platform processes after a previous one has finished running or as necessary. Activation, segmentation, and other workflow procedures like ingestion (data streams from Salesforce CRM and Amazon S3) may now be chained, and their execution order can be set. In order to conduct segmentation once data intake is complete, for instance, you can chain the processes together. Additionally, you can use Flow Builder to create your own workflows.

Where: Lightning Experience in all editions is affected by this modification.

How: Choose Auto launched Flow while creating a flow (No Trigger). Click Action after clicking Add Element on the canvas. Select a CDP action by clicking CDP in the left pane. Click Done after entering the label, API name, and input values.

Update a Current Data Kit to Save Time

When you change the data streams, models, and mappings for B2C commerce and CRM, you don't need to make a new data kit. Update an existing data kit as an alternative. Additionally, you can use Package Manager in your Salesforce org to get or distribute the updated data kit from the Customer Data Platform.

Where: Lightning Experience in all editions is affected by this modification.

How: Enter Customer Data Platform Setup. Pick Data Kits from the Tools menu. Click Update when you've opened your data kit.

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Activate Segments for Meta or Google Advertising Platforms

In order to employ audience segments in specialized Google and Meta advertising campaigns, activate them safely in the Customer Data Platform. Utilize pre-built activation connectors to quickly transfer audience lists to Google and Meta.

Where: Every edition of Lightning Experience is affected by this modification.

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