Top Salesforce Features for the Next Marketing Strategy of Your ECommerce Business

These are the times when a user decides to visit your e-commerce website, his journey starts right there. What’s next is your job to make sure that visitor turns into a customer. And that will depend on the way you’ll plan the marketing strategy of your eCommerce business.

An eCommerce business has a lot to handle, from maintaining product catalogs to segmenting personalized product recommendations for customers, Salesforce can help you do it all. There are numerous Salesforce features that can entirely transform the way marketers have been handling their eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Salesforce Features for Marketing Strategy of your ECommerce

The tech-savvy customers these days know everything. You can’t trick them to buy from you. That’s where marketers need to be smart enough to offer them just the right product or service.

We have filtered some of the top Salesforce features that the marketers of eCommerce companies can access to take their results off the charts.

1. Multi-Channel Messaging

You can prefer constructing journeys consisting of SMS messaging, email, or any other channels to reach out to your audience. The use cases for these multi-channel messaging can be:

  • Service and support case communication: Use multiple channels to interact with customers for relevant service or support. You can prefer using SMS to communicate for more timely information e.g. updating customers about scheduled service or closure of the case.
  • Post-purchase communication: Keep in touch with customers through post-purchase communications. You can send emails to customers about the successful delivery of the product or send a customer survey.

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2. Targeted Ads

In the midst of all the noise on social media, targeted ads can help you gain the attention of your audience. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you run targeted ads to reach people out with personalized content and services.

3. Automated Responses

What’s the one thing customers hate? The answer is waiting. That’s one reason e-commerce businesses are becoming popular- no waiting in long queues or traffic. So, make sure that you won’t make your customers wait for the service too. You can automate responses by customer service agents using Salesforce Einstein bots to provide your customers with immediate assistance. Salesforce provides these state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence-based technologies to boost your customer service, avoiding customer churn due to waiting.

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4. Einstein Vision

Artificial Intelligence-powered Einstein Vision is an incredible way to gain insight into your customers that might have been impossible otherwise. For an e-commerce business, it is important to learn about customers so you can reach out to them with offers and products that relate to their shopping interests and behavior.

Einstein Vision will help you understand your customers on a whole new level, which will even serve you while creating targeted ads.

Plan the Next Marketing Strategy of your ECommerce Wisely

How your revenue in the next quarter is going to depend on how well you run your marketing campaigns now. Salesforce has got everything a marketer would need to run advanced campaigns with personalized and targeted ads.


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