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Top 8 Salesforce Tips for Students to Learn in 2022

Salesforce refers to a customer relationship management solution used to bring customers and companies together. Today, Salesforce is the number one customer relationship management (CRM) globally, offering different companies easy access to web-based software over the internet.

Through Salesforce, all company departments are likely to get a single, shared view of every customer. These departments may include marketing, commerce, and sales. Here are the top 8 Salesforce tips for students to learn in 2022.

Instructor-led Training Classes

Learning Salesforce through instructor-led training classes is one of the best ways students can use it in 2022. Certified Salesforce trainer usually conducts the classes. That ensures that the quality of the training is maintained high throughout the training process.

Thousands of Salesforce professionals have launched their careers online to offer quality education on customer relationship management. Getting an instructor as a student will ensure that you can get answers to your questions immediately on the areas you feel need more clarity.

Use of Trailhead

Trailhead is generally a series of online tutorials that you can use to learn functional tasks for the Salesforce platform. Using Trailhead favours mostly the students who have the basics of sales and marketing. This tip is considered the most fundamental way to learn Salesforce in 2022.

Reviewer on a research paper writing service mentions that through Trailhead, you will get the platform updates as fast as they are released and new product features that will help you understand the direction the Salesforce is evolving towards. In addition, all content on the Trailhead is free.

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Learn with Gemma Blezard

This is the Salesforce Most Valuable Player (MVP) and recently the best recipient of the prestigious golden hoodie. On the other hand, Salesforce MVPs are the top-notch product and service experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the communities to succeed.

Gemma Blezard gives back to these communities through the user groups and other educational resources with quality content on Salesforce. As a student, you can use these educational resources to improve your skills through training for free.

Salesforce official training

It's considered the best way to learn Salesforce in 2022. It costs about 400$ and offers around 50 official intensive training classes. Covering these training sessions will ensure that you will cover all the experience levels needed in the Salesforce training.

It may appear expensive to some students, but it's vital to understand it’s the best and the popular route to use. That’s because you are assured that the quality content offered by the trainers is effective and the best that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Use AI Salesforce webinars

Various AI Salesforce webinars are customarily conducted every year. Still, the recordings of the webinars are posted online, and you can register and watch them absorb the valuable content they usually offer. 

The AI topics covered include the marketing cloud, converting hot leads amidst distraction, and eliminating guesswork from your sales forecast. You can get these webinars from the Salesforce website on the events column, specifically on the webinars section.

Learn with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning on Salesforce offers a free month to learn different courses offered before switching to a subscription service offered at 30 USD per month. Nowadays, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to interact with the best professionals in the Salesforce field and meet new opportunities.

As a result, you will be ahead of the other students who are not updated on the new features in the customer relationship management platform. Make sure you commit to the training you only need because taking the irrelevant course will be a waste of time and resources.

Stony Point

Stony Point is a great Salesforce training partner that divides its courses into three main categories depending on you want to use the customer relationship management solution. The three categories include technical, sales, and Salesforce end-user training.

Sales training is essential because it helps to improve skills on person-to-person connections. These skills are necessary when you understand how to get loyal customers.

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Free demo of Jan Bask

The free demo of the Jan Bask training offers an excellent platform for the students to learn about Salesforce. Jan Bask has experienced specialists with in-depth knowledge on the computing sector that is very useful in the customer relationship management solution.

There are special discount offers for the students to help the students gain digital skills that are essential in Salesforce. The best thing about the training offered is that you can get a free demo to access whether the training is the best for you.


Salesforce can be an innovative tool for any company if appropriately used by people who understand how it works. That's why it's vital to learn more about its operations and applications. The above points summarize the best tips for students to learn Salesforce in 2022.   

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Aziz Nicleson is a journalist and web content writer with four years of expertise working at London's popular "Shop & Buy." He is a skilled mini tennis player and is the author of a book titled “His heart.”


  1. Salesforce has been offering training courses for its users since the early days of its success. And I am getting help from to get reliable content easily. Today, there are several Salesforce certification courses available to help you become an expert in the CRM software and you need to Build and execute a successful lead generation strategy.

  2. Make sure you only sign up for the training you need. Taking a course you don't need is a waste of time and money.

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