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Top 7 Reasons To Choose Salesforce For Your Business

Description: Salesforce is one of the world leaders in the development of cloud-based CRM solutions. We'll talk about why it is important for your business.

What is Salesforce and Why do You Need It?

In the case of organizing an online business or any services, you will need an additional tool to establish a dialogue with users. This helps to get feedback faster and fix bugs, which has a positive impact on the development of the company.

Salesforce refers to customer relationship management systems (CRM, CRM system). In other words, this is a service for maintaining a customer database (names, contacts), conducting transactions (orders, sales, payments), document flow (applications, contracts, receipts). The program is great for a wide variety of services, including various stores (Amazon, eBay), food and coffee chains (Starbucks, McDonald's), or dating sites (Dating jet, AsianFeels, JollyRomance).

Usually, such systems have integration with other systems for email, SMS, and voice mailings with reminders of transactions or advertising purposes. There is an opportunity to manage tasks, transfer them between employees, track execution, deadlines. Typically, such systems can interact with customers based on automated scripts, for example, register orders from the site or conduct surveys on the quality of service. But Salesforce has some undeniable benefits that make doing business easier and more efficient.

Salesforce Advantages

Salesforce was founded in the fall of 1999 by four founders - Mark Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Möhlenhoff, and Frank Dominguez - with the idea of ​​selling CRM systems on a subscription basis. It was this company that was the first company on the market that sold a serious corporate product not as a "box" solution, but as a SaaS (software as a service) product, that is, for a recurring subscription fee.

In 2004, the company went public and its shares began to be traded on the stock exchange, thus raising $110 million. Well, after just three years, in 2007, the technological basis of the CRM system developed by Salesforce by the company became publicly available, thus allowing third-party developers to create their applications based on the technology stack of the company.

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Competent Data Structure

It is very noticeable that this system was created by people who have many years of experience in the sales process and, accordingly, perfectly understand what they are doing. The root data structure of the Salesforce CRM system is so competent and convenient to use that it is precisely it that is cloned by almost all other CRM systems present on the market. Even if they are not the ancestors of this structure, they did the best job of introducing this structure into the CDM system.

Salesforce also has one great option "Person Accounts" (from English - personal accounts), which allows you to link a contact card to an account. This is very convenient for those businesses that work with both legal entities and individuals - you can create an account for a legal entity, person, and bind contacts to him, or you can create an account on a physical, person, and it will be both one contact and one account at the same time. Thus, it becomes much easier to organize marketing activities, segment the customer base, and so on. This solution is extremely convenient and sets Salesforce apart from its competitors.

Convenient User Interface

The Salesforce system has two versions - Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. The classic version of the system was very outdated, and around 2014 the company introduced an interface to the Lightning market, which at that time had very limited functionality compared to Salesforce Classic.

Today, the Lightning interface of the Salesforce system has not only extensive functionality, which even surpasses the classic version of the system in some "features" (for example, the classic version does not have a timeline of activities, it does not have frequent updates and other functions). This interface has become almost a panacea, and this Salesforce CRM user interface is one of the best solutions on the market.

A Large Number of Partners

There are a large number of developers on the market who, based on the tool, can create a custom (individual) application or solution, for example, a client portal for your business requirements. This is very convenient and profitable since you will not have to worry about supporting and hosting this application - Salesforce takes care of this.

Besides, a quality Salesforce Partner Certification program frees businesses from the hassle and worry of your custom application quickly becoming obsolete. After all, the Salesforce company guarantees that if this application is developed by certified developers, following all the requirements of this company, it will be supported by the Salesforce company itself for a long time because the Salesforce CRM system is quite static in terms of updating its root functionality.

Huge Customization Opportunities (Individualization)

You can create, in fact, your CRM system, which will be completely tailored to the needs of your business, without thinking about supporting it because Salesforce has an amazing ecosystem of existing products and great opportunities for developers, based on the Salesforce product, Here you can find a variety of cases, ranging from the sale of vacuum cleaners to complex solutions for hotel reservations - the already mentioned huge number of Salesforce partners provides an unlimited variety of customization of the CRM system just for your business requirements and processes.

Salesforce Stability

The last plus of the Salesforce CRM system is its stability. Salesforce is by far the most stable CRM system on the planet. Yes, sometimes it happens that the system works slower, but you can always open it, you can always find contacts. And for a business that needs a seamless and continuous experience of using the system, this is a very important plus of this system.

Integration with Social Networks

The company provides fully integrated tools for working with social networks through a CRM system. With their help, you can track and respond to conversations that are relevant to the organization, monitor the activity of Twitter and Facebook streams, create and maintain posts and comments.

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Integration with Other Applications

With built-in solutions, it is easy to search and install third-party applications directly through the system. There are currently over 1,700 applications available, covering sales, customer service, marketing, IT, finance, and human resources.


Perhaps the only downside to this choice is the price. Yes, this system can be cheaper. However, this does not negate the fact that the Salesforce CRM system is an excellent, very flexible, and extremely user-friendly system, and it can be recommended for medium and large businesses.

Salesforce is a very high-quality, user-friendly, and extremely advanced system with ample opportunities for a wide variety of businesses. And if you have enough funds and want to start working with the highest quality solutions, choose Salesforce and you will love working with it.


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