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Top 5 Ways Salesforce CDP Solves Customer Data Challenges and Benefits Business Growth

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, and so are the customers. In the present time, the way customers interact with a business is highly dynamic. They switch between channels so rapidly that it becomes difficult for businesses to have a moment-oriented solution that not only can help collect large amounts of data from diversified sources but also organize and store it in a consolidated manner.

And here comes Salesforce CDP into the play. 

Salesforce CDP a.k.a Customer Data Platform is software that merges data collected from various tools and builds a single centralized customer database. The consolidated database compacts the information on all the touch points of the customers, their interaction with products or services, their behavioural data and so on. Further, CDP organizes and segments the database and develops personalized marketing campaigns.

A Quick Look at the Ways Salesforce CDP Streamline Customer Data-Centric Operations

Data is the new oil in the present time. Companies are investing a substantial amount in building their databases, such as transactional databases, demographic databases, behavioural databases, etc.

Salesforce CDP brings the customer data out of the silos and enables superlatively easy for businesses to offer consistent and satisfying customer experiences to their clients across different channels and consumer devices that clients expect.

Following are a few more things that Salesforce CDP performs for you – 

  • Salesforce CDP combines data from internal and external sources and builds a single source of truth.
  • It helps in joining known and anonymous contact data.
  • A business user can leverage detailed and granular levels of customer insights and accordingly improve personalization in marketing campaigns.
  • Salesforce CDP brings more customer insights and enables you to establish strong communication with customers.
  • Businesses can offer a more targeted and personalized experience by understanding customers’ expectations at each touchpoint.
  • Salesforce CDP integrates with communication solutions effectively. It facilitates insights into anonymous behaviour before conversion.

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The Best Ways Salesforce CDP Solves Customer Data Challenges

Are you planning to get Salesforce CDP integration services? If yes, then you should read the points below. So when you connect with a Salesforce CDP implementation service provider, you can discuss your requirements based on the given knowledge.

Here’s the way Salesforce CDP help grow businesses – 

Smart Audience Building

Segmentation of the customer's data is a daunting, time-consuming and expensive task. Businesses can leverage the data segmentation excellence of Salesforce CDP and enjoy its different features, such as creating audience segments and using segment audiences for targeted mobile messaging, advertising, and marketing purposes.

The user interface of Salesforce CDP is quite user-friendly and is equipped with drag-and-drop functionality for simple audience segmentation. 

Business users can create multi-dimensional segments based on multiple attributes like services, ERP, loyalty, etc.

Personalized Engagement

Salesforce CDP integration enables business users to collect and store terabytes and petabytes of data in a hassle-free manner. 

Users can easily unify different collected types of data such as personal, demographic, behavioral, purchase, interaction data, etc., all while maintaining consumer permission across touch points.

All these different kinds of data facilitate more personalized purchasing experiences.

Better Insights

The unified customer data will bring to the business better customer lifetime value and engagement scores. You can leverage the data with Tableau integration. It brings data visualization into the play that will help you understand the insights of different marketing campaigns, customers, and other important metrics that will help you take critical business decisions.

Provide Engaging Experience

One challenge that business often faces with data is its cross-departmental uses. Salesforce CDP solves this use challenge and enables users to use the data and insights across the departments and customer lifecycle.

Its lookalikes feature will help you grow your audience and improve engagement with existing customers with behaviour-based targeting and upsells.

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 Solve Data Challenges

Salesforce CDP provides businesses with a holistic view of the aggregated data about their customers. As we are aware that it allows you to collect customer data from several different sources thus, solving data-related challenges becomes quite easy for business users.

It ensures that whatever you run on your CDP, they are well-compatible with all prominent apps and systems such as Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Loyalty Management, etc.

With the use of native connectors, you seamlessly integrate Salesforce CDP with other Salesforce products without any prior knowledge of coding.

Businesses can also integrate Salesforce CDP with AWS cloud and provide access to AppExchange and its applications. 

Salesforce CDP for Business Growth – The Conclusion

From unifying data from multiple sources to building smarter audience segments, and from encouraging more personalized customer experience to optimising audience segments and marketing based on customer behaviour, a lot of things can be achieved with the help of Salesforce CDP. 

In recent times Salesforce CDP has become a powerful tool, and Salesforce CDP implementation is an on-demand service. 

You can hire a certified Salesforce consultant or a Salesforce consulting services company that will help you implement the most viable & suitable CDP solution for your business.


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