Top 10 Salesforce Tips to Makes Things Easier in 2018

Top 10 Salesforce Tips to Make Things Easier!

Newbie in Salesforce and finding it a great deal to use the robust and complicated system? Well, there are often experiences of fear and hesitation when it comes to using the sales tools like

As it a robust and complicated system there are chances that the newbies may get lost or distracted by its too many features and options.


Although it seems quite difficult to use at the beginning but as soon as you start using and get to know the things you will feel comfortable using it. It is pretty easy and simple to learn and implement a sales process that eventually helps in the growth of your business.

In order to help you over this learning curve, we are providing you with a few Salesforce tips that can make things easier for you.

#1 Hotlink favorites: In Salesforce, every page is a hotlink. No, matter if you are on the web or Salesforce you can hotlink the pages you mostly visit straight to the dashboard.

Start hotlinking the working accounts, active accounts, and clients. So, find your most visited or commonly used pages and hotlink them to your repertoire.

#2 Get your Emails to Salesforce: Many Salesforce users struggle with getting emails into Salesforce. The easiest way to fix it is by using the “Email to Salesforce “option. Find it in the setup in the email section and then click on the “Email to Salesforce”.

Once you get your “email to Salesforce” address, copy it and paste it into your BCC line whenever you send the email. As soon as this performed it will automatically get copied into the and shows up in the task history.

#3 Link your Salesforce to Outlook: The Outlook is considered to be the standard email client for most of the businesses. Linking up the Outlook with the Salesforce can be the key to success.

In order to set it up, go to the “setup”, find the “Desktop integration” and click on it, then click on the ‘Salesforce for Outlook’ plugin and later download and install it.

#4 Declutter the Tabs: If you are in Salesforce, it is obvious that you will many tabs open, making it extremely difficult to find what we need. The easiest way to simplify this consequence is by minimizing the tabs which are barely required.

This will make everything on the page look cleaner and organized. In order to set it up, go to the ‘setup’ then to change ‘My display’, next click on the ‘customize my tabs’ keep all the basic and save it.

#5 Declutter the Accounts: When you frequently go into the user account, it is probable that you will much clutter and many things you don’t need.  So, to abstain from the clutter it is important to declutter leads, accounts, opportunities, and contacts.

Try removing everything that distracts like the related lists and subjects etc., In order to declutter, open lead and click on the “customize page” and then get rid of whatever you don’t require.

#6 Employ views: The ‘views’ are considered to be the mini-reports where the things are simplified and not complicated like other reporting where the data and list have to be put together.

The ‘views’ can be used at the best time for a quick account reports, new leads, open leads, lead reports, qualified leads, working leads and working accounts.

In order to get the employ views to click on the tab, create a new view, name it and then apply some filters like which field you want to be showing up and which column too and then save it.

#7 Refer to your Dashboard: At first sight, the dashboard may seem complex but after a bit of practice and experience, you will find using it is quite simple and easy. Think of them as a very simple report of everything going on in your business.

It helps you streamline your business and it actually is a one-click place for all the key things.

Learning it is simple but the things to learn are in depth and if you are interested to go into the depth of understanding dashboards then there are many online training courses that provide you help in getting started with the dashboards.

#8 Chrome extensions for efficiency: The life of the Salesforce users becomes easier with the chrome extensions.

The chrome extensions are nothing but the automated miniature Apps that are installed and added to chrome and used whenever needed.

The chrome extensions reduce the toggling from the tabs and prevent from manually inputting or correcting the data or information.

#9 Use Campaigns: The campaigns are perfect for the customer acquisition analytics or leads.

The campaigns are great if you tag every lead you met in the event and can attribute back directly to the closed won opportunities.

#10 Online training: As mentioned above, the Salesforce training is offered to help you get started right from the beginning, and they also provide you with the salesforce certification. You will find each course of usually 10-15 minutes.

Find the different courses offered and do check them all out, and definitely have a look at “getting started with CRM sales” and also “getting started with reports and dashboards”.

Wrapping up with the tips mentioned above, you will begin to learn and understand the options in Salesforce. You will be able to take advantage and figure out the best ways of using everything offered.

Once you and your team get comfortable with the Salesforce you will start realizing the benefits of customizing Salesforce to your needs and growth of your business.

Don’t confine yourself to use the limited features and options. The Salesforce offers various features and option, and you can also use other tools apart from the ones offered by the Salesforce to make most out of it and help your business grow.

The online Salesforce training can help you out and some also provide you with the Salesforce certification which will be useful further.

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