The endless configuration possibilities with Salesforce data — for phones and tablets

So, you decided to go mobile with Salesforce for your sales, field service and further teams that work outside the office doors.

Now, you get two options to start off testing business mobility with:

1. An app with standard objects & pre-defined business logic.

You can enjoy an out-of-the-box sales/field service/inspections mobile app with a pre-defined set of standard objects. This is the way to go for users who favour to explore the solution right away, without any prior configuration. No worries, working with a pre-defined schema can also come with full-valued user experience and does not have to stop anyone from exploring the strength of mobility solutions.

2. An app with personalized experience at your fingertips.

If you want to modify your experience with Salesforce mobile data as if it was built by you from scratch, feel free to tailor the app to fit your business needs — with almost no limits and practically no code. The downloaded app can turn into a branded business solution for a specific scenario (be it mobile sales app, field service mobile app, Inspections app, and more). All you need to get started, is Woodford. It’s not only the name of a very well-known and tasty Bourbon, it’s also the back story of how we named our configuration tool. But more on that next time! So, we’ve designed a code-free tool to modify of your mobile projects for mobile sales & field service mobile scenarios, the management of users and licenses, and so much more.

Configuration possibilities with Resco are endless, you can:

  • Redesign dashboards
  • Create custom objects
  • Use custom objects in maps, charts, calendars
  • Generate action buttons
  • Modify User Interface
  • Manage licenses
  • Manage mobile devices
  • Edit colors, formats
  • Use custom fonts and icon packages
  • Create and sync filters
  • Build apps on
  • Implement business logic using form rules
  • Define multiple views
  • Edit map layers & more

Example of a tailor-made app for a coffee house

Get started with customizations

Woodford is an end-to-end configuration tool made for the Resco Mobile CRM. First of all, you need to download the Resco Mobile CRM app from your app store or AppExchange and connect to your Salesforce Organization. Once Resco and Salesforce are synchronized, you will see and work with real data, just like you do in Salesforce on your desktop.

Secondly, the default mobile customization for your Salesforce Organization is created in the cloud. From this moment on, you can use the Woodford solution to personalize your Resco mobile experience for your business requirements. Remember, if you connect Resco to Salesforce with admin credentials for the first time, more customization capabilities will be available to you.

How does it work?

Once you open Woodford and login to your organization, you can start organizing your customizations in so-called ‘Mobile Projects.

A customization = mobile project is the definition of the look and function of the Resco App users assigned to one or more Salesforce Profiles. Any change to the project, like be it adding a custom object or your new fancy dashboard, is always safely stored in the cloud.

When you hit the ‘Publish’ button, the changes become active and will become visible to users next time they synchronize data with Salesforce.


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