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Taking Its Lead From Siri & Alexa, Salesforce Introduces Einstein Voice!

Incorporating voice assistant into a platform for managing tasks verbally is something which has been around for quite some time now. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa are a few examples of virtual assistants that have been a hit amongst users. Following this trend, Einstein Voice recently made an appearance as the freshest addition by Salesforce.

An Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant for enterprises, Einstein Voice holds the capacity to interact with users and help them perform an array of administrative tasks like entering data, dictating notes, updating records, managing schedules, creating tasks, etc.


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How else can this super-intelligent virtual assistant help?

Einstein Voice will make it easy to enter notes verbally through the Salesforce mobile app, instead of doing it manually. It will also help in finding relevant records, updating fields automatically, and notifying teammates. As Salesforce Einstein is built into the Salesforce platform, it will offer more intelligent and smart recommendations and predictions.

Einstein Voice Assistant will only be available in the pilot as part of the Winter 2019 release. Additionally, it can be personalized with voice bots on the Einstein Bot Platform, to be available in the Summer 2019 release. Voice bots will be connected to Salesforce, but also, will be able to work through Google Home and Alexa.

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Some Helpful Stats…

Research exhibits that the use of voice assistants for enterprises will see exponential growth in the coming years. As voice-based queries are rapidly growing on mobile devices, by 2020, fifty percent of the total searches will be voice searches. This data clearly prompts the rise of such technologies in the future.

With all these latest additions in Salesforce, this no.1 CRM will undeniably become much more accessible and productive. Salesforce CRM is distinctly entering into an era of new innovation, defining how users connect and interact with Salesforce, and delivering a completely new level of efficiency for their users.

Reference: Algoworks

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