Streamlining Financial Advisory Services with Salesforce


Regarding financial advisory services, efficiency is pitted against personalization in a landscape governed heavily by regulation. The drivers have converged and it is a case of using technology not only to keep up but as an operational necessity. Salesforce provides a one-stop, exact feature set available either out of the box or as an add-on that covers almost everything any financial advisor could want. Among the solutions employed by these businesses, one of their most transformative platforms is Salesforce Financial Service Cloud which allows firms to drive engagement across channels and optimize operations while remaining fully compliant with industry regulations.

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Explained

The Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, as the name suggests, is a solution that brings forth comprehensive customer service features tailored to financial advisors and their businesses. Full integration with the overall Salesforce system brings financial advisory service-specific touch-points advantages in a variety of areas; The new cloud-based solution offers a 360-degree perspective of clients, pooling information from different systems that is then used to form an all-encompassing client profile for more tailored advice.

Why Choose Salesforce Implementation in Financial Advisory?

Better Client Relationships

A financial advisor is a people business. To come up with personalized advice, advisors must understand the financial goals of their clients based on risk profiles and investment preferences. The Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is built on the world's #1 CRM and unites client data across internal devices, which enables advisors to view full-client profiles. This access allows the company to interact more personally, which builds trust and loyalty.

Operational Efficiency Upgrade

A good share of an advisor's time gets consumed in follow-up and administrative kind of tasks. The things a Salesforce implementation can automate include scheduling meetings, reminding customers or employees to show up for the meetings, and even generating reports. This helps advisors to concentrate on client engagement and spend less time in administrative work which further leads to improving their productivity.

Regulated Industry

There are regulations that must be followed when gauging compliance, including but not limited to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act in financial services. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud - With tools for compliance Automated workflows ensure each step is followed through while audit trails provide a transparent record of actions taken. This both mitigates the non-compliance risk, as well as makes it make more easy to prove compliance during audits.

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Making well-informed decisions is a core requirement in financial advisory. MarkIt is Salesforce implementation ServicesCrunch Question: What does your startup do? This data set can be leveraged to infer trends, forecast outcomes and develop strategies that are consistent with clients' financial goals. Utilizing these data-driven insights, advisors will be able to provide even more informed advice and improvements.

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Key Features

Client Profiles

Financial Service Cloud combines data across various sources to create in-depth client profiles. Those profiles will contain the details of financial assets, past transactions, and life events for clients. This allows advisors to have all of this information in one place, helping them better know their clients and provide more personalized advice.

Collaboration Tools

Financial advisory often goes hand in hand when you have to collaborate with fellow team members and other stakeholders. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud includes collaboration tools, to improve your communication and sharing of consistent information. Collaborate with Systemwide Advisors: Colleagues/Advisors can use OnBase for sharing documents and being in the loop on all interactions, and client activity.

Task and Workflow Automation

We need to implement automation in Salesforce to complete the way of implementation. Financial Service Cloud automates routine tasks and workflows like client onboarding, compliance checks, and document management. This automation saves time and effort for advisors while making sure that processes are followed properly every single time.

Deep Analytics

Advisors can get value from their data through the advanced analytics capabilities of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. This personalized experience enables advisors to tailor reports and dashboards by key performance metrics and monitor their client portfolios while also exploring growth opportunities. Advisors can make smarter decisions for clients based on data using these analytics tools, which ultimately leads to better financial results.

Mobile Accessibility

Advisors operate in extremely mobile manners today and need to be able to access their tools/data whenever needed. Mobile Device Compatible - financial advisors can access client information, update records, and communicate with clients anytime on the go using the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. Advisors benefit from this flexibility, too - it allows them to be timely and more readily available wherever they are.

Case Study

The mid-sized financial advisory firm has low efficiency and high client churn Think back to a situation where you had a mildly successful implementation of Salesforce in place for years. Answering these dilemmas is the decision company to put in place Salesforce Financial Service Cloud.


  • No unified view of client data, it all exists in silos.
  • Time-consuming office work
  • Compliance with industry standards powerhouse


The company was issued the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, essentially bringing all consumer information under one umbrella. Routine functions were automated and compliance measures were established to satisfy the laws.


  • Higher Client Satisfaction, as personalized service is provided on time.
  • A 30% increase in productivity was reported by advisors as they spent less time on administrative tasks.
    The compliance features in the Financial Service Cloud helped the firm smoothly navigate regulatory audits.

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For financial advisory services, efficiency, client satisfaction, and compliance all help to ensure success. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is a feature-rich solution that covers all these requirements end to end. Is your financial advisory firm using Salesforce? The result is a more efficient, client-centric, and compliant organization poised to succeed in the modern financial services environment.

Yes, the Financial Service Cloud — A revolutionary way to interact with your clients May 16th, 2019 Salesforce Live Share Facebook Linkedin Twitter Print Email The main focus today is not about a tool but its impact on transforming financial advisory in one of our largest markets. These firms have a future to look forward to where operations are streamlined, clients are happier, and compliance is kept easier. In an industry that majorly deals with trust and efficiency, the Salesforce implementation is a game changer.


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