See the differences between С# and Apex with a handy cheat sheet!

Are you starting to code with Apex, Visualforce, or Lightning?

If you trail from .Net to Salesforce development, it would be good to start from the Syntax knowledge - Get to know how to write code, and which rules apply to it.

Grab this free cheat sheet to see the main syntax differences at a glance

While both C# and Apex are high-level development languages with a lot of similarities in syntax and general approaches, there are also lots of differences between these languages.

So what will you get with the cheat sheet?

  • Knowledge of the differences between Salesforce and non-cloud application development
  • Avoiding some bottlenecks on your way to Salesforce!
  • Understanding approaches and mindsets for climbing aboard
  • Helpful tools!


  1. Thanks for this wonderful blog about difference between c and apex.. This is really helpful for salesforce developer.

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