Salesforce With Selenium

Salesforce With Selenium

This is my First post for Salesforce with Selenium. In this post we will understand why we use selenium in salesforce and how we are using selenium with salesforce. We will also look into what results are achieved by using selenium.

This post based on WHW 

WHW stands for Why How and What

TheGoldenCircle.jpg1. WHY :  As we all know Salesforce has its own unit testing classes to test the apex code but these classes have their own limitations. That is why we are coming up with an integration between selenium and salesforce  to overcome these limitations. Let us now discuss Open Source Automation Tool  “Selenium”. 

Selenium: We are using Selenium WebDriver because Selenium IDE has many limitations which are as follows:

> Its works on Mozilla Browser

> It is a GUI Plug-in


2. HOW : We need to install Selenium, along with another software.

Installation of Selenium: Please Click here for Installation. We taken a simple login scenario for salesforce.

Login in Salesforce: Here is a screenshot of Code

2017-09-10 17_04_18-Java - - Eclipse.png

Sample Code:

3. What:  Here I have attached a video of the automation process.

Apex Test Classes + Selenium= Good Salesfroce App Quality



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