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In this era of information where everything is online so why should we wait for paper-based signing of a document when it can be done digitally. So why we wait for a number of days to get confirmation regarding the document when it can be done in minutes. This problem is solved by DocuSign where the paper-based signing of the document is replaced by the digital-signing of the document. As DocuSign based on Software as a service cloud platform, So it provides us the feature that is accessible to anytime, anywhere on any device. It helps us in accelerated transactions so that we can get the results within the minimum time frame and we can proceed our transaction as per the flow of the transaction. So we can know whether the recipient agrees for the transaction or not and in that we can proceed with the transaction for future actions. It helps us in getting digital confirmation of transaction with an easy, fast and more secure way to send, sign, manage and store documents in the cloud. As for Salesforce, it helps us in keeping the track of the progress of the deal which we generated within the Salesforce. It allows a user to send the document for a digital signature from within the salesforce and guide the signer in the signing process. In Salesforce, we can get DocuSign under the managed package. We can use one DocuSign account in one salesforce environment.

Why Should we use DocuSign?

  1. It helps us in reducing paper works.
  2. It reduces the transaction time as we don't need to wait for days to get the signature of the signer, this can be achieved in minutes.
  3. It is the most secure way for the digital signature.
  4. It stores our document on the cloud so we can get the document when we want.
  5. It is easy to send the document and also easy to receive as we can get this document anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Salesforce integration with Docusigndocusign-cloudstock-session


Installation and configuring DocuSign within Salesforce.

Install DocuSign in Salesforce

  1. Goto AppExchange in salesforce environment.
  2. Then search DocuSign in AppExchange and click Get it Now.
  3. Then click login to the AppExchange and then select the option according to your salesforce environment if you using sandbox then click Install in the sandbox or otherwise click Install in Production.
  4. Review package installation details. Then check the checkbox for the Terms and condition and click confirm and install.
  5. Then enter your Salesforce environment credential and then select the installation option for user as per your requirement and if you wish then you can view components that are getting install with DocuSign for Salesforce and then click install to continue the installation.
  6. Approve the Third-party Access. In this, you will see the list of websites that package might send or receive data at the time transaction.
    • Click the checkbox of Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites.
    • Click continue.
  7. Approve the package API access and click Next.
  8. Then choose security level this determine the user access to DocuSign for salesforce, we recommend you to use Grant access to all user and click next.
  9. Then click install and after installation, you will see the DocuSign for salesforce in installed packages list of salesforce environment.

Configuration of DocuSign in Salesforce
The configure of DocuSign for Salesforce is about connecting the DocuSign account and DocuSign features to the Salesforce layout.
It is a two-step Process:-

  1. Sign in or create a DocuSign Account.
  2. Connect Salesforce with DocuSign.

Connect Salesforce with DocuSign

    1. From the app menu, select the DocuSign for salesforce.
    2. Click DocuSign Admin tab in salesforce and then select the DocuSign tab inside it.
      • Enter your DocuSign credentials and if you don't have DocuSign account then go to step 3.
      • Select the salesforce environment associated with your DocuSign Account.
      • Click the Login button.
      • Then enter the salesforce credentials and check the checkbox of I agree to ....
      • Click Connect.
      • Now you successfully connect your DocuSign with Salesforce account.

Salesforce IntegrationInterating Docusign with Salesforce

  1. To create an account in DocuSign
    • Goto the DocuSign website(
    • Then select the Freetrail (Which valid for the 30 days).
    • Fill the information on the page.
    • Then you will get an activation link on our mention email account.
    • In your email account follow activation instructions to activate your account and create a password.
    • Return to DocuSign for salesforce and continue with step 2.

And Second way to connect salesforce environment to your DocuSign account

  1. Goto DocuSign Website(
  2. If you have DocuSign Account then login in DocuSign by entering your credentials and if not then check the previous steps to create a DocuSign account.
  3. Now from DocuSign application, click the account select list and select My Preferences. In the Navigation panel on the left side, under signing and setting section, click Connected Apps.
  4. In the list select Salesforce and click connect.
  5. A pop-up is shown enter your salesforce credentials and your DocuSign Account get to connect with the Salesforce environment.

Configuration for Salesforce Organisation

Add DocuSign feature to Salesforce layout

  1. In DocuSign for salesforce app, goto DocuSign Admin tab.
  2. Then select the layout tab and click Add Remote Site.
  3. Then you can add the Docusign feature in Salesforce layout.
  4. After that, you select where to add DocuSign feature in the Salesforce layout.
  5. After that, you can add the button in the Salesforce layout from the Salesforce palette to the respective Salesforce object on which you show that button.

SFDC Layout

Custom Button

As DocuSign for Salesforce managed package, so you can create your own custom button to help your tasks.
Custom Button Configuration:-

  1. From goto setup of
  2. On the left side click on customize and expand the list and select Buttons and links.
  3. Click New Button and link and then add the button label and name.
  4. Set the following attributes of the button
    • Display Type: select the Detail Page Button.
    • Behavior: select Execute JavaScript and on Content Source: select  OnClick javascript.
  5. The javascript code for the custom button is:-
    var rc = GetRelContentIDs("{!Opportunity.Id}");
    var CCTM = 'Decision Maker~Signer;Executive Sponsor~Signer;CarbonCopy~Carbon copy;InPerson~Sign in person';
    var CRCL='MyCustomObjects__r,Email~Email__c;Role~Role__ c;FirstName~FirstName__c;LastName~LastName__c;RoutingOrder~RoutingOrder__ c;SignInPersonName~SignInPersonName__c,LoadDefaultContacts~1';
    window.location.href = "/apex/dsfs__DocuSign_ CreateEnvelope?DSEID=0&
    SourceID={!Opportunity.Id} &rc="+rc+"&CCTM="+CCTM+"&CRCL="+CRCL;

Merge Field

The DocuSign custom tags are integrated with the Salesforce object. When we use a custom tag with the merge field setting is added to a document, the salesforce data is imported into the tag. It is useful in pulling data from salesforce if any update on data occurs on the document by signer then it got to reflect back in salesforce (this can we achieve only when we enable the writeback option at the time of the creation of the custom tags).
Docusign Mapping Flow


  1. The blog was nice. But I am still clear with these thing - how would you architect the integration of Dropbox or box with SaaS applications like Docusign or salesforce ? What are some of the constraints and considerations ? What are the most important things to keep in mind as you architect the system from the user, system admin, and company point of view?

  2. Hi...

    I'm having a few issues with Docusign adding extra steps and making it more difficult to use.
    Also could you add a loading circle when documents are loading.
    When I'm attaching a longer document I'm taken to a white page that loads up.
    I keep wanting to exit the screen as it's difficult to tell if the system is working or if it's frozen.

    Next I'll need to fill out information about how to shorten the steps. Maybe some of these are customizable but for now the setup slows down the sales process.


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