Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation: Key to Enhancing Customer Experience

Salesforce being a customer-centric organization deliberately works to enhance its customer’s experiences. That said, Service Cloud is one of the integral offerings of Salesforce that has revolutionized customer support by streamlining the communication between a company and its customers. This blog helps you understand what it is, the different features, and why Salesforce Service Cloud implementation is important for businesses. So, let’s get started…

One of the most-popular cloud-computing based CRM, Salesforce is used by businesses of varying sizes and scopes. One of the core offerings of the Salesforce Cloud is Salesforce Service Cloud, which is used by professionals all over the world.

Salesforce Service Cloud: What is it?

Salesforce provides Service Cloud as Software as a Service that enables salespeople to automate several service processes. This platform offers a 360-degree view of the customers, streamlines workflows, and finds key points to help customer service agents deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized services. Hence, businesses can build stronger one-to-one relationships with every customer, that too across multiple channels and various devices.

With Service Cloud implementation, businesses can address and quickly respond to customers across different social platforms and automatically involve appropriate sales agents as well as optimize the entire customer engagement process. This results in an improved customer experience.

Integrating the Salesforce Customer Success platform with social customer service enables the team members to get a clear picture of their customer’s needs and requirements. Apart from an enhanced customer experience, this also increases the sales output of an organization.

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Intriguing Service Cloud Features

Service for Apps can be used to embed customer support software into applications. In-app mobile support can include on-screen guided assistance, screen sharing, and live agent video chat. The software is also integrated with Salesforce Community Cloud, providing more communication channels for customers and agents alike. Some of its intriguing features are listed here:

  • Service Cloud with Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning features are embedded in the service cloud where the Lightning Console in Salesforce Service Cloud easily accesses the relevant information such as customer profiles and case histories. Hence, businesses can use all the information to deal with customers and address their concerns and queries. By doing so, you not only resolve all your customers’ issues but also give them a seamless service experience. Using a dashboard to access your frequently used tools also results in increased productivity.

When it comes to interacting with your business, customers can be accustomed to quick, personalized experiences. With all the information ready in Lightning Console, company representatives can provide direct attention to customers. Additionally, this will also increase your customer retention rates as customers will gladly drop again expecting the same service.

  • Case Management Module

The case management module feature allows for all queries to be resolved faster, making it a more efficient way to handle the pipeline. Case routing is powered by Salesforce Einstein which will direct the right cases to the right agent. Doing so helps in dealing with all the queries and nothing to be left behind.

Other than this, the case management module stores every interaction between customers and agents for viewing purposes. Salesforce Service Cloud saves these in different file formats including emails and voice notes and manages them efficiently so you can access them easily and quickly. As a customer or sales rep, you’ll receive real-time alerts whenever there’s something actionable. It also offers multiple predefined email templates that can be used to interact with the audience.

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  • Workflow Management

When you enter the world of Salesforce Service Cloud automation, you can easily get rid of the manual internal processes and monotonous tasks that eat up your time. Automating repetitive tasks can speed up your operations and streamline workflows. Assign tasks, make emails, as well as update fields this way to save time and increase productivity drastically.

Salesforce Cloud provides a drag-and-drop interface that helps you create workflows quite easily—the best part is that you need not know any complex coding techniques as everything is managed inside the process builder used to log calls, make emails, or update records. Defining each step of the task along with other minor details involved in the process facilitates easy approvals.

  • Multi-Channel Routing

Salesforce helps in ensuring that the right lead is assigned to the right customer representative. Leveraging the admin panel, management can set Salesforce to assign tasks to employees based on their work experience or skill set. This implies that you do not have to do the assigning activity yourself and can leave the whole process to Salesforce. As a result, you can be assured that urgent work is addressed well in advance every time.

Gain statistics on the performance as well as other parameters of employees according to their work handling and miscellaneous tasks. Time taken to complete certain tasks offers insight into what can be improved or needs to be prioritized and the accept-to-decline ratio of new work assignments can be gauged immediately. In addition, things like the average waiting time before a lead is addressed will help you know how to route best.

  • Self-Service Portal

On the community aspect of your customers, the Salesforce Service Cloud is big. Gathering the community together in a knowledge center or a customer portal lets them solve their issues on their own. Integrating this portal with the Salesforce Service Cloud implies that you, your customers, and your service representatives can work seamlessly.

Salesforce Einstein - the AI leveraging platform ensures that your customers get a tailored experience. As a highly-customizable platform, Salesforce helps in taking ‘personalization’ a step further. For example, Live chat options help in guiding customers in the right direction, making their navigation easier. And rather than just you helping them, they help themselves as well as each other.

Bottom Line

Service Cloud is a one-stop solution for all customer needs. Irrespective of whether you are in B2B or B2C domain, Salesforce Service Cloud implementation helps in maximizing agent productivity, leveraging social media platforms for better interactions, and transforming the customer experience. And you can make the most of this with the help of a Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant.


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