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Salesforce Schema Builder - Everything You Need to Know

Schema Builder:-

Schema Builder in Salesforce gives details just like the field values, required fields, and how objects are associated by showing search and master-detail relationships and look-up Relationships.

In Other Words, we can say that it is a skeleton of Objects and fields which are connected to each other.


A schema builder lets the client add custom areas, objects, and relationships to the schema or canvas. Not at all like other apps and programs, the schema builder permits you to look and alter custom fields without clicking from page to page. You'll be able easily to alter or include a new custom object while seeing the points of interest of your schema.

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 The various objects and their affiliations of a Salesforce application can be basically seen utilizing the Schema builder. And just not seeing, but we will too plan, alter and implement new information models utilizing schema builder. Schema builder encompasses a drag and drop interface which is utilized to attain all the activities. It shows all the significant details like - field values, data sorts, relationships with directions, etc. 

Schema Builder is available for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

Schema Builder is available for all Editions of Salesforce

Way to Access Schema Builder in Salesforce:-

After Login From Setup Home, 

navigate to Objects and Fields 

→ Object Manager 

→ Schema Builder.

Steps to create fields with Schema Builder:-

  • Creating the fields with the Schema Builder is a bit like creating objects in UI. 
  •  From the Elements tab, select a field type and drag it onto the object in which you want to create a field in it. 
  • Take note that you just can make relationship fields, formula areas, and ordinary areas in Schema Builder. 
  • Fill out the various details about your new field.
  • At last click on Save.

Various Elements in Schema builder:-

->Elements:- From this tab, we can create various elements and objects in the builder. Drag elements from this tab and drop to the Object for creating a new field. You can also create objects with drag and drop in the canvas of Schema builder.

->Object:- It contains a list of objects to show or hide in the canvas.

-> Legend:- It contains the various-

  1. Lookup Relationship(Shows the relation between one object to another)
  2. Master-Details Relationship(Shows the relation between one object to another in Schema)
  3. Required field(These are the field which has required input)

-> View Options:- It contains the various-

  1. Display Element Names/Type
  2. Hide/Show Legend
  3. Hide/Show relationship(Hide or show the Lookup and Master details relationship line in the schema)

Similarities and Difference in Schema builder and UI

When we open field in schema builder then there are options like:-

  • Allow in Chatter Group
  • Allow Sharing 
  • Allow Bulk API Access
  • Allow streaming API Access
  • Allow Search
  • Add notes and a Attachments related list to the default page layout
  • After saving this custom object, Launch a new custom Tab Wizard.

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Following are available in UI  but not available in Schema Builder:-

  • Available for Customer Portal
  • Add Google Docs, Notes, and attachments related list to default page Layout.

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