Salesforce Sales Cloud to Boost Revenue

Salesforce is the most powerful CRM platform that helps businesses achieve their day-to-day activities. You can handle profuse operations such as sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. It keeps on enhancing the platform by bringing timely updates and the latest features.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the most magnificent features that assist you in selling smart, faster, and the way you want. It can help your business by effectively handling your sales processes, support team, and critical business metrics in real-time. Moreover, it further helps you build more profound customer connections. If you have no clue about making the best use of Sales Cloud, it's better to opt for the best Salesforce Development Services.

Let us now discuss some of the latest features of Sales Cloud that help you enhance revenue intelligence, sales enablement, and subscription management for your enterprise:

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

It is a prominent feature that integrates the abilities of both Einstein and Tableau with Sales Cloud to form a “unified revenue management command centre.” 

  1. Einstein Deal Insights: It consists of functional Einstein Deal Insights that promote AI-powered predictions, such as deals likely to close or push, and sales closing KPIs like attainment, win rate, and quarterly progress – with the help of consumer engagements
  2. Pre-built analytics powered by Tableau: Sales Cloud also comprises Pre-built analytics, which focuses on determining and addressing gaps in the targets and provides helpful discernment to contrive forecast accuracy. It helps your corporation by boosting your reps to perform well by pinpointing trends across distinct dimensions.

Therefore, Salesforce Revenue Intelligence can prove to be helpful for your business in:

  • Initiating efforts to fulfil sales targets,
  • Opting for a data-first approach to sales,
  • And confidently closing customer deals.

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Sales Enablement

Onboarding, training, and development are crucial for any sales executive to ensure that powerful sales talents are retained. This feature is generally known as “Enablement” and can be entrenched straight within Sales Cloud.

  1. Data-driven coaching with Einstein: Salesforce Sales Cloud consists of Data-driven coaching that provides necessary insights and coachable moments related to the pipeline to the sales managers. Moreover, it also helps you enhance your skills, ultimately closing more deals.
  2. Tie enablement to revenue: It helps your business estimate the effects of enablement activities on crucial sales metrics such as lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, decrease in sales cycle time, improved close rates, and more. As you must be aware of how hard enablement metrics can be, with the help of stats, admins can cast for better training sessions in the long term.
  3. Learning journeys enabled by Trailhead: It promotes real-time learning through personalised and contextual understandings. It facilitates personnel-to-personnel knowledge sharing across modern channels like video and Slack.

Hence, Sales Enablement can assist your establishment to: 

  • Augment deals via data-driven coaching,
  • Enhance sales rep skills through real-time learning,
  • And gauge the results of your enablement activities.

Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

Sales Cloud allows you to address subscriptions from any self-service channel – try, buy, renew, and purchase in one place. It permits your business to handle the complete subscription journey from item to payment. You can also make use of KPIs for insights into your regular business. It lets your business offer self-service options after syncing with e-commerce, in-app, or other self-service touchpoints. Einstein feature helps your organisation to prioritise collection efforts by forecasting hindrances to payments and suggests the appropriate solutions to ensure consistent revenue streams.

That means Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud can assist your business in: 

  • Handle your complete subscription journey,
  • Prefer your choice of self-service channel,
  • And enhance revenue with the capability of Einstein.

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We hope this complete guide will help you understand the latest features of Sales Cloud and how they can assist you in boosting the revenue for your business. Salesforce Revenue Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud are crucial tools to sweeten the revenue model of your enterprise.

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