Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Winter '24 Highlights

With the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, now built on and backed by the power of the Salesforce Platform, your organization can be more efficient and streamlined than ever. We discuss some of our favorite new features in the Salesforce Winter ‘24 release that are sure to warm your heart!

New Winter ‘24 Features

Nonprofit users can now leverage the power of these common industry features in the Winter ‘24 release.

  • Actionable List Members
  • Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)
  • Actionable Segmentation
  • Batch Management
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Data Processing Engine
  • Service Process Studio
  • Timeline


Use Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising Apps

The new Nonprofit Cloud offers several new apps that allow users to perform common nonprofit tasks more efficiently, built on Salesforce’s native platform.

  • Fundraising Strategy- Provides a high-level understanding of all fundraising activities
  • Donor Engagement- Track and manage your marketing efforts with customizable campaigns
  • Philanthropy & Partnerships- Record and evaluate all interactions with donors, grantmakers, and other stakeholders related to high-impact giving
  • Fundraising Operations- Respond to donor requests and process routine donations

Log Gifts Singly and in Batches

Users can now log individual gifts or use Gift Batch Templates to enter multiple gifts simultaneously, record gifts against commitments, assign designations, or add soft credits to transactions, making gift logging and reporting easier.

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Create and Manage Campaigns

Users can now create, manage, and track fundraising campaigns and measure their performance. Campaigns can be personalized to your audience to increase engagement, and trends can be quickly and easily monitored with rollups.

Managing Gift Commitments

With Winter ‘24, users can easily manage gift commitments with new flows. Salesforce has added new scheduling capabilities, including creating custom or recurring schedules and the ability to update schedules. Additionally, users can easily pause, resume, or close gift commitments, update the commitment amount or payment method, or associate upcoming gifts with already existing commitments.

Responding to and Refunding Donors

Users can now respond to donors more quickly in the Donor Support Console, which provides a timeline for a quick review of requests, making it easier than ever to take fast action. Additionally, users can provide full or partial refunds to donors when requested.

Program Management

360-Degree View of Participant Profiles

Salesforce has introduced the new Participant Profile page, which gives program managers a single place to view all the details about a participant and gain actionable insights from information about benefit disbursements, interaction summaries, complaints and alerts, and more.

Track Additional Details for Benefit Participants with Field Sets

It’s now easier than ever to track and review benefit details by using custom fields in field sets on the Benefit Disbursement object. Users can track past participant attendance and other details.

Benefit Schedule Participants vs. Benefit Session Participants

Program managers, service providers, and volunteers can now use Benefit Schedule Assignment records to distinguish between participants added to a benefit schedule vs. a benefit session, allowing them to better plan for logistics.

Bulk Removal of Participants from Every Benefit Session on a Benefit Schedule

Save time by eliminating the manual task of individually removing participants from future benefit sessions by using the Remove participants from Schedule API. This will delete the participant’s related Benefit Disbursement records and update the Benefit Schedule Assignment records.

Share Program-Related Records with Stakeholders

Program and Program Enrollment records can now be shared with selected users with the Share button; another improvement for collaboration in your org.

Benefit Schedule Assignment for Experience Cloud Site Users

Benefits Schedule Assignments, Program Management, and Case Management objects can now be accessed by external users in an Experience Cloud site, allowing for better visibility and streamlined collaboration across your organization.

Grant Management

Enter Actual Budget Used in Experience Cloud

Users can now enter data about the actual budget spent into their Experience Cloud site, allowing them to complete interim and final reports more efficiently and see real-time updates in their CRM.

Add Budget Component to Custom Experience Cloud Sites

Salesforce has added the ability to add Budget Lightning Web Components if you are setting up an Experience Cloud site without using the Grantmaking template.

Share Grantmaking Records with Compliant Data Sharing

Users can share records with the peace of mind that data will only be seen by those with the correct permissions. Using Compliant Data Sharing means you can now share budgets, funding awards, and applications while keeping with security best practices.

NPSP Managed Packages

Case Management, Grants Management, Outbound Funds Module, and Volunteers for Salesforce Managed Packages on NPSP have all been updated for improved accessibility with compliant color contrast requirements.

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Retiring Products


Salesforce is sunsetting Elevate and its family of products. You will not be able to renew subscriptions after October 1, 2023, and the product is predicted to be deactivated by October 1, 2024. This will affect Elevate Advanced, Elevate Power of Us, and all Add-Ons.


Salesforce is also sunsetting foundationConnect, and you will no longer be able to review subscriptions after January 31, 2025. The product will be deactivated on January 31, 2026.


Winter is coming, and so is increased functionality and efficiency to your Nonprofit org! If you’d like more information on these Nonprofit Cloud updates or if you want to view past updates, please visit the official Salesforce Winter '24 release notes. If you have any questions about Salesforce or want to see any of the implementations in your own Salesforce organization, please contact DB Services!

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