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Salesforce Lightning Experience – Five Tips for Salespeople

Customer relationship management (CRM) was revolutionized when Salesforce was released. Today, it remains one of the most prominent names in CRM software, primarily because of its dominant position in the app marketplace, ease-of-use, and customizability. The company’s first offering, Salesforce Classic, created a CRM solution that many companies adopted because of its convenient User Interface (UI).

Salesforce Lightning Experience is a newer CRM tool, and it offers several modern features, including an intuitive interface and improved workflow applications.


As more companies turn to CRM solutions, here are five ways to make your Salesforce Lightning Experience even better than you imagined:

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A lot of first-time users open Salesforce Lightning Experience and just as quickly close it because, at first appearances, it can seem somewhat intimidating. The app is a powerhouse of features and tabs, and it’s not too difficult to feel a little lost at first. However, Salesforce Lightning offers an in-depth tour for new users.

Don’t be tempted to skip it, thinking that you’ll learn as you go, as you might not access all the app’s useful features if you don’t even know they exist.

The tour takes the user through many of the app’s essential functions, showing you how to track sales, customize your process, and view opportunity profiles. However, these are only some of Salesforce Lightning’s features, and there are too many for the tour to cover in sufficient detail.

So, after you’ve got the idea of how to use the basics, you will need to experiment with the app to find out how much more Salesforce Lightning can help you improve your sales performance.

Mike Davon, who works as a professional online assignment help provider for a personal statement writing service, says that one of the most important things you should know how to do from the get-go is to take advantage of Salesforce Lightning’s quick search bar in the setup menu.

It saves you from wasting time looking through options instead of taking you right to where you need to be. If you’ve worked with Salesforce Classic, expect to learn a lot of new shortcuts as this version is much more streamlined.

Stay on top of things

If there is something salespeople need more than anything else, it’s quick access to information that will help them generate additional sales.

Instead of going and looking for it, Salesforce Lightning’s notifications can keep you updated about any developments or data you need at your fingertips, especially when you’re away from the office. The types of notifications you can set up include email alerts triggered by actions such as a client inquiry.

Based on your customized email alert notification settings, you can set up automated email responses to other team members or your manager.

For example, if you create a new lead, your manager can receive email notification of that without you having to contact them or write a report about it. This level of automation makes Salesforce Lightning such a powerful CRM tool and is why it is so popular.

Another tech essay writer for a custom essay paper site suggests that whether as a salesperson or a manager, you can use Salesforce Lightning to generate reports. Customize the report settings to indicate how frequently you want reports and what you want to do with them. For example, you could set up a weekly report that is automatically sent to your supervisor.


A lot of other CRM software is limited because it doesn’t interact with other programs. Salesforce Lightning’s interface is designed to use information from other sources as well. It allows you to import files that you’ve exported from Excel or other CRM tools.

While you’re in the setup menu, use the data import wizard to take valuable information from other sources and include it in your Salesforce profile.

Examples include contacts and leads, as you don’t want to waste time reentering this information because you’ve changed to a new CRM. Salesforce Lightning Experience allows you to import up to 50,000 records at a time.

Salesforce Lightning users can also include Google Chrome extensions as part of the app, which opens up even more opportunities for streamlining processes. One of the most popular extensions used is the one for Gmail. It allows the user to view activity on Salesforce Lightning from the email page, so there’s no need to move between the two to find information.

As another game-changing feature, the Salesforce search engine can be added to the Chrome browser, allowing for searches to be done on Salesforce while still on the browser page. Use the Chrome settings to find the manage search engines key and add Salesforce to the list.


Salesforce Lightning Experience allows you to create activity timelines that are invaluable in keeping track of time and ensuring you get to everything during the day. One of the best features is the open task that allows you which allows you to record progress such as logged calls, new tasks, or scheduled events.

With the planner function, you don’t need to have a separate datebook since you can include everything you need in the app. Import valuable dates and times for upcoming or regular appointments into Salesforce Lightning from other tools or integrate programs like Outlook into Salesforce.

You’ll never need to worry about missing meetings or deadlines again if you utilize this Salesforce feature. During meetings and appointments, take notes and related them to specific records in no time at all. You can forward these notes to other people on your team who might need them.

Another handy feature is the news stream you can access that gives you the information you need from your manager or other team members, including your sales figures, new leads, contacts, and other critical dates to keep available in your calendar.


One of the most impactful aspects of Salesforce apps is the ability to customize them to the company’s needs. This will usually fall within your IT department’s purview when setting up the app for company use.

However, once that’s done, the rest is up to you. There are still many things you can set up to suit your needs, such as the dashboard, where you can include up to 12 columns of information.

Prepare presentations for clients and internal meetings using the Salesforce Lightning app so that everything you need is located in one place. There are lots of ways to use the app’s graphics to liven up your presentation. You can even do the same on your dashboard, using shading and alternate colors to highlight the most valuable information.

Another helpful feature is the quarterly performance graph because it need not only reflect where you currently are, but you can also use it to set goals for sales figures. However, these are best not set in isolation, as they must be in line with the company’s sales estimates.

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Conclusion: Are you ready for the change?

Jampacked with so many features designed to make your life easier as a salesperson, Salesforce Lightning can only enhance your job performance. And since you’re working on commission, that should be the aim of the game.
While it might take you a while to get used to it, once you do, you’ll wonder how you coped without it. Take advantage of help and tutorials on the app and online, and attend any development sessions your company offers to ensure you make the most of Salesforce Lightning.

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